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  1. who do you main and what series>? current 5?
  2. records , arcade shit especially capcom and neo geo, video games, occult books, antique prints and obscure media systems
  3. nobody gonna take kieth richards?
  4. I mean yeah, they did catch the golden State serial killer off his sister's dna test , but also, remember what cam Ron taught us about how to handle A serial killer,? Move,,, don't talk to the police except to say hello, how you feel ? Everything alright? Period. https://youtu.be/uxdqC8kZlQo
  5. Bruh i really needed it too, I appreciate the fuck out of that for real.
  6. yeah no shit that guy is never coming back lol I was not serious
  7. we should all press mero to get back on, considering he was the breakout star from this forum
  8. good because I cant get on insta at work and im sure ill forget over the weekend anyone know what happened to earl broccoli, chupa, chopstix, and casek?
  9. a little under 2 hours until I can leave the sales floor for the weekend, I hope I can cut out early so I dont get massacred by rush hour traffic
  10. yeah matt actually came and kicked it with me for a couple days when I was post hospital, but not well enough to fly back home, so I was put up in the waltham westin. i was real sad to hear about him passing after he got out the pen, I still keep up with some of his friends
  11. a lot of what goes on with facebooks sec filings is very sketch
  12. Im a big fan of just using social media as a one way content generation tool... scraping cringe posts and rage melts is fun for me, just cant get caught in the back and forth. unliek here, where I would want more back and forth because people are like minded or at least have similar experience
  13. I had to check a younger crew mate on this, because he worked at an art supply store and was always posting little canvas work of his street handstyles and bomb shit on his personal acct for work, and also using public local hashtags, and one day he accidentally went over someone he shouldnt have. They pretty easily found out where he worked and low key threw it out there, and lil homie was all like "We got a snitch in the crew" I was like bruh, anyone could follow those breadcrumbs, youre lucky its not vandal squad, the only snitch in the crew is you dry snitching yourself. Young kids aint wanna hear shit nowadays
  14. damn I was about to post what happened to the KC kid thread, but I searched it and its my own alt account reminding me we lost it in the redesign. I found an old hard drive that had a lot of the images ill try and up
  15. Honestly , theres nothing specific about the mp3 functionality or usb hookup that can help you do this, the usb is essentially being used as a digitally processed balanced line in, and the software is just a chopping system that detects track gap dead spots. Its a pretty great turntable for doing what its designed to do, maybe one of the best since it wont chew up your records, but most of the functionality it seems you dont care about. The main benefit for you, is you can record samples into your DAW of choice with no preamp and limited line level noise. Other than that, its just an upper mid tier table with less features than a standard variant.
  16. Smh kids these days, back in my time benoe would have slapped your Nokia out your hand for programming what you write as a contact
  17. The real crazy thing to think about for me is, a lot of the habits and techniques we used 10, 15 years ago on here, as paranoid ass writers, became really invaluable in the social media era. Even if it's just a habit of not putting yourself on blast in public
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