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  1. I just knocked a beer bottle off the counter but i broke its fall with my shin, so I'm feeling hella acrobatic right now. I gotta get up at 6am smh
  2. Is this like, Urban Street Humor ™
  3. Oh shit yeah i forgot about giving newjacks the full tampon off the rip, what a great feature
  4. This place has always operated best off group ridicule regulation
  5. I did this piece with half melted crayons i found in this burned out church. Definitely the most hardcore artistic medium I've ever done
  6. Yeah at the very least, I'm doing recon for active members in the crew
  7. I mean , at a very minimal, a bad coke habit or something. That worked for me
  8. Also honestly, this isn't a situation where you should throw up your hands and say "we already gave up privacy by being on social media" - if you can create and maintain verified sock / fake accounts on Facebook, you know there's a fair amount of public anonymity to be had
  9. I think it's pretty hilarious a bunch of people I know are at a minimum, going to end up on Russian stock photo apps
  10. I'm just going to assume one of my name's is up there and tell people I can't find it if they ask
  11. I'm washed but still like trespassing a lot, so i do what i once ridiculed. Anyone else?
  12. Me and Bojangles keep up regularly over transformers and vintage bmx shit, he's pretty busy with art shit
  13. One of the crazy things about drawball, apparently we secured our place in internet lore for that, since we took 4chan on head on and won. They were trying to do a big pedo bear, and we had the 12 logo, and we coordinated attacks while they were asleep. That was a special time in the internet
  14. Whom remember salami pocket. I can't recall the context but I still call people salami pocket
  15. Bump, hope everyone is good, this site aint blocked from my company wifi
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