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Everything posted by BlackbookKWC

  1. Damn, you regulars mind if a new person gets in on these battles?
  2. If you come to the crib, I will have my lady treat you to some gormet brownies ;). Only for my truest hommie.
  3. more phone pics please. maybe some rebar? if anybody has it
  4. nice flicks. was with mad not too long ago.
  5. your so gutter you tell the feds where your crops are and they dont even want to fuck with you.
  6. utah. ether. trik. that wall is fire.
  7. YO SON THEM BLISTERS IS HOT YO...more like a fever blister...."waaaaaaaaaooow"...gotta love it..waddup mr. rock TWC all day
  8. whats up with all those tumors?
  9. Yo grand holler at me fool..
  10. I smell some red meat cookin....
  11. I dont think so...the mouse im talkin about is from DC but stays alot in NY now...he writes with like DEMON 202 and some other heads
  12. you will live till the infinity...and still be awesome
  13. Yo Ralph hit me up man it's been along time.
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