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  1. Trying to find that boy in Kansas :(....
  2. nevermind...in here ballin like a hot boy. injury get at me. ABC waddup my nigga
  3. what the fuck....it keeps saying connection failed..
  4. whole time joe. TRON you paranoid cuh. cheeeeel.
  5. sell coke. and listen to this
  6. QEWZ waddup my dude. That AMEN had is nasty.
  7. BlackbookKWC


    what does that say? spc is a bitch?
  8. bahaha bangbang....you really are a funny guy!
  9. whoever wrote that sinus and snek are kings shit over that skizzy piece needs to be slapped the fuck up...now snek and sinus are nice and i fucks with them...but writing that over fly id cats...come on
  10. dis eez da rap lettuhz fo'um
  11. sinus who ever the fuck you are.....keep comin with the niceness
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