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  1. as my hommie would say..."waaaaaaoooooww"
  2. what the fuck is a denso?
  3. big up to EVER for coming through DC..good chillin
  4. jazirock.TWC. straight maxin
  5. damn son you are a super lurker...since 06 and 23 posts....LURKSQUAAAAAD POW POW
  6. king of what? king of styyyyyylllllee....rip
  7. bump kunle...rip sacer.......damn
  8. love that ceda, hobo, gauz roller....see it everytime i drive to the city to get some goodies ;) thanks for making the ride worth it fellas...and bump joce.
  9. - DC writers trying to be cool.
  10. BlackbookKWC


    yeah but craiglist sucks ass around my area... I know in my original post i said 800 for a max frame price...but anywhere 700 or below is fine...5 is better though hah.
  11. BlackbookKWC


    True apologize for not specifying...Im a SS/Fixed gear rider...but not for tricks or show I actually use it for sport. No carbon frames though please. (my pockets would thank that). I dig Cinelli, bianchi, velo, fuji, leader, etc...but trying to find something reasonable..about 500 or under for the frame. Even if any of you are selling a frame between 54 and 58..let a fellow rider know. The thicker the frame the better in my eyes as I feel its not as stiff as a ride as the smaller tubed frames. Appreciate any non typical 12 oz response. :cool:
  12. BlackbookKWC


    Anyone know good online places to buy a decent brand frame relatively cheap? (800 or under). Just getting back into riding after a long injury...need to get a fresh start,
  13. and no massgraff isnt dead hes on vaca stroking his wookie. right?*edit* quesiton thread...
  14. except the negrodamous lookin mufugga
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