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  1. Symbols never worked on CERN and was never on 12oz! It's a false memory created by the mandela effect! She never existed! 😆 .
  2. I don't know man, if I were able to get my family the fuck out of this country, I would. But I'm also a grown ass man who's set in my ways. I'd still dress how I dress, listen to the same music I always have and hang out with people who are more like me who I could more easily communicate with and relate to. I'm not mad at people from other countries who stay around their own people and cling to their culture. America's always been a melting pot. Or at least ever since us white people invaded it. I'm sure the Aboriginals feel a certain way about all of you's too. 😆 .
  3. Have you considered it being lost to that so called "mandela effect? Where shit that all of us of a certain age clearly remember all of a sudden being scrubbed clean from existence? Like Ed McMahon supposedly was never the spokesman for Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes, etc? One theory is that it's google conducting a social experiment to see if they can change the perception of history by literally scrubbing all evidence of this shit clean from the records, and because the younger generation literally only believes what they can google, they can gaslight us all into looking stupid. Another theory is that the Haldron Colider put us into an alternate universe where shit is different. Do you remember that chick Symbols supposedly had something to do with that? I really wont somebody to track her down and get her opinion about this.
  4. Holy shit, the @-ing thing actually does work! WTF is with all you dudes using legit emails for this shit? 😆 I been mostly MIA from this shit for a decade or more, but still pop in from time to time. Apparently these dudes are trying to resurrect this shit from the dead. And it seems a lot of oldheads are actully coming back. See how it goes. You still in SA? .
  5. And the light was red! I just watched it again to see if I was tripping, the light was literally red for that car! It was a left green arrow for the traffic coming from where the bike was coming from, he still ran a red by making that right, but the car literally ran a whole red light just to run him down. 😆 .
  6. I feel you, but I'm still standing firm that it was intentional. This was also clearly in a city, and you can literally see the car accelerate after he was already right in front of them making all that noise. I don't give a fuck if it was a 70 year old asian woman, that was clearly intentional. 😆
  7. My man, are you like me? Do you just pop up every couple years then disappear for a couple? My earliest memories of dude was him crying about his girl being a graff hoe and how she's playing him and breaking his heart and such. Then years later he's joe citizen angry at the world and talking shit on criminals. Then fast forward to years and years later I come back and he's a full blown MAGA shithead spreading all kinds of Faux News and Qanon bullshit disinformation on here and literally defending that teenage kid who's mom brought him across state lines with his AR-15 to shoot down BLM protestors like he's some kind of hero. The guy is a total right wing fuckwit who only ever took pictures of graffiti to impress his graff hoe girl who kept cheating on him with writers, from what I can tell. The guy never gave a flying fuck about our culture. He was just some kook who briefly hopped a trend back in the day because his girl was into those type of dudes, and who only stuck around as a way to stalk her because she found her way onto here too. .
  8. Nah, that speed up was intentional. Even if they were looking at their phone, you can't ignore all that noise the dirt bike was making.
  9. LOL why even stop when that was clearly intentional? You want your windshiled and all that smashed in? Yeah, the dickhead clearly ran the light, but the driver of that car also clearly saw him sped up to knock him down on purpose. If you're gonna do all that, then at least hit the gas and flee the scene before you possibly get killed. 😆
  10. Was that even a dude? That looked like a old ass woman. And these degenerates all stomped her ass. 🤦‍♂️ .
  11. LMAO! That dickhead don't even write, and has stated multiple times that he thinks graffiti writers are losers or scumbags or something along those lines. WTF is you even talking about? Are you confusing him with someone else? 😆
  12. WTF? Just admit you're a fucking fascist to and that you fully agree with everything the guy has ever said. WTF is you even talking about? .
  13. 70’s. I’ve heard Duck credited for tall hands, but a lot of those 70’s dudes were stretching the letters on their OG gangster hands. Gangster hands were the first wave of Philly handstyles, but they kinda got left in the 70’s. Some cats do them here and there just to flex. SAM1 crew started the wickeds. Notorious Bic and them.
  14. Hah! Who’d you black out? Looks like you took a sharpie to someone. 😆
  15. Dude doesn’t just have “different opinions “, he’s a fucking scumbag. Imagine using your same argument for defending a Nazi skinhead who worships Adolf Hitler , and chalking it up to “I mean, I don’t agree with all of his opinions, but he’s a good guy and makes some valid points.” 🤦‍♂️
  16. Nah, fuck that guy. This ain't back in the day, these days political views can absolutely define somebody's personality. And that guy basically broadcasted that he's a piece of shit. .
  17. This city's too spread out for that shit. Plus, I don't really go on missions, I just keep paint in the whip and smack shit when I'm out and about and the mood strikes. I've kinda always been like that. Most of my rep even when I was in Philly was just me always having paint and markers on me and just smacking shit in my travels. Tags on the way to work, tags on the way to the bar after work, tags and fillins on the way home from the bar. Tags on my way to the homie's crib, tags on the way back. Deliberately pick a different rout every time. Yahmean?
  18. Youngbol got his learner's permit, so he's designated driver these days. She has been the one driving on occasion though. 😆
  19. Ain't shit she can say, she knew what it was when she met me. She just shakes her head. 😆
  20. For that @Dark_Knightguy, since he asked. 😆 IMG_4195.MOV
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