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Everything posted by asdf_va!

  1. There are A LOT more people in Richmond that don't fit the above mold then there are that do. America... love it or leave it.
  2. ^^This is a laugh... You probably care and don't even realize it. Besides, truffles ARE worth the attention. Dig all the mindless dummies blindly hating. This internet shit has been super stupid since Al Gore dropped it. I'm all about some Barclay Prime Philly Cheese Steak. Comes complete with a bottle of Champagne.
  3. ^^Yes your honor, this man has no dick. Werd em' up kid son, my jelly bean, duder. And let me say one thing here... HSB... Get off ya' pussy son.
  4. Try the internets. I hear they got it all. Titties too! Good luck.
  5. ^^It's kinda like what they did in Superman 3.
  6. If you did anything worthy or notable in THIS CITY we would all know who you are. But until then, you are nothing but a laugh on the internet. Your toyish ways don't even make it to real conversations. Just here on the internets. Nobody is looking for you, well not as hard as you are trying to be found. I would say "see you around..." but I doubt you got entre' to our spots of interest. Happy two thousand and titty fucking ten.
  7. Been burning high couture textiles since been burning high couture textiles. Son.
  8. I bet you he still thinks about it though...
  9. ^^Tell your mom that she's breast feeding you incorrectly. Yeah. Hersey Bob Aest2 tags.
  10. ^^What may not understand is the unique frame of mind of a person whom has never actively used the internet on their own and doesn't actually concern themselves with the idea (dualism alert!) that people in other places do the very same thing that you or I might be doing here. It's a dynamic world to the simple minded. To me, it's just titties and snowflakes. Everything else is a copy of copy. Tis' life.
  11. This. This building has been through so much.
  12. ^^I love your pieces. Better fills than that Aest guy too.
  13. Newtonian physics is SO September 10th! Stop posting PM's. They were sent to you, not us, we don't care.
  14. POE and ZGOT for the win on that wall. Didn't you guys read the forum rules? Posting wack yams flicks could fuck up the 12oz database and then everyone loses and not just yams.
  15. Can't the police just leave those poor Chinese Muslims alone? Word up. EDIT:Skar(va?) Suey... Nice spot.
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