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Everything posted by asdf_va!

  1. MHAP Moose Ntel Aloha... If you read this, you are gay. I mean, come back to VA! RVS!
  2. On the subject of the BZ... The High Line is getting restored in to a city park. It's really fresh if you know about this line... They are keeping the tracks in place, flush with the ground, to show how the line was used BITD. Good flicks and info.
  3. No that's not me. Keep my name out of your posts.
  4. ^^Gangster! Bernies Delicious Subs kills it! Some one repost the flick if you can please. It clearly speaks for itself.
  5. Do those bottles have a big red flammable label on the side? If so... I approve! Industrial inks are the way to go.
  6. Paulo, Jake, Nick, Red. Doing the damn thing.
  7. The internet sucks. It better not rain tonight.
  8. Check this out: Bump Augor for actually working his shit into the billboards that he wrecks! Thanks for trying to bring the thread back spectr. Oh yeah... who ever said something about anything... you're wrong. Maybe.
  9. The windows are boarded up... Were it up to me, I would approve.
  10. I'm surprised no one has found this yet: http://www2.rasterwerks.com/game/phosphor/beta1.asp
  11. ^^Haven't you seen my site? www.12ozpoet.com?
  12. You guys ever come back from sticker bombing and have the sticky stuff all over your fingers... It's like... Ah shit, I hope I don't get bagged by the cops and they see my fingers all sticky from all those stickers!
  13. Sorry... my pizza was burning. No. The answer is no.
  14. The answer is... oh shit... got run.
  15. Wow... I don't have the slightest memory of doing that last night... Disregard that post as it has nothing to do with... well anything.
  16. Thanks for being a real person. Glad to be able to read what you have to say. Word up.
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