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  1. ^^Classic. I haven't been viewing as often, and posting even less, adding to my age old adage of: Less is more. Sun. Moon. Sand. Salt. Trees. Wind. I've grown a fair amount of my own food... In the city no less. Beware, for Sumac will destroy your plot, but it's such an amazing "invasive" weed/tree. Ghetto Palms or so it goes. Less beer. Less apathy. Less technology. Less meaningless conversations. Less confusion. Less static. More river adventures. More quality cannabis. More progressive meditation. More assertiveness. More silver marker tags. More outlines. More satisfaction. Enjoy a break from your idiosyncratic rhythms and get lost taking a different path every time you travel. Stop being a lazy bum. Good luck.
  2. ^^If this is true, you are dehydrated... most likely from too much lamp'in, and/or coffee. Either way I say "good man!" Drink water if your piss is anything other than clear. It means you're dehydrated. 1 cup of coffee= negative 2 cups of water from your system. ^^No joke. Do not worry about the statistics however... Statically speaking, you are probably safer than most people if you can even comprehend the basic idea of statistics. Focusing... 1 part coffee, requires 2 parts water to just break even. 1 part coffee + 3 cups of water = 1 cup of water intake in your system. It takes twice as much water to digest one serving of coffee. ... Now... more than ever in our life time, is the time to be paid in cash, under the table.* Just ask for cash. Good luck. *Under the table - It means getting scrills in bills ya dummy.
  3. Alright... back from the ashes... ...and what not. I've been places and I've seen things. This info was always out in the open here on the 12oz for years upon years. But, I would like to reiterate one simple truth; In a world in need of anything factual that could facilitate the internal desire to do good... I bring you... a simple truth: If you do not live in a MAJOR city, with... AT LEAST, a partially subterrainian transit system, and your average spots are exposed to direct sunlight, you should focus your mixes to purely oil based paint. I will paraphrase: Direct sunlit spots require oil based paint mixes. I will elaborate on my paraphrasing... If the surfaces you plan on marking are not of a natural, or synthetic, polymer (Plexiglas, Plastic, Vacuum formed epoxy molds, etc...), you should be focusing your mixtures with oil based paint recipes. Ink for insides, Paint for the outside world. Consider it. Good luck.
  4. Where to begin... First... Big up's to the St.P/Minnie/Walkie cats for doing good things with the Capital. Paebak - Looking good homie. A few pages back had an old Apoxy one letter throw, circa 07-08... No joke, those throws are Gangster. Snek... you need to use 2 color schemes that pop like the one up there. Skuf didn't invent your S, but he sure did make it his. Your work is a ten times better than last year. DC... Work the walls. Work the walls.
  5. That Cinik could have been a one liner looping the upper left of the N back through itself, and then up into the top left of the K. Just sayin. Still looks good. Bump all that New York.
  6. I am glad Vault is alive. Man has a lot of talent. The H has only gotten bigger and better. More Bob. More Kaes. MORE SHIT TALK! BTW, I see so much... SO MUCH, new shit in the streets of Richmond that you fools somehow fail to even notice, and then you come on here and talk about the lack of work. In response to the post you're about to write about me flicking the new shit... It's not my job to post this shit. Come to think of it, I ain't even got a job. Big up's bumper to H.S.B. for keeping real!
  7. Re: CHEESE STEAK ARGUMENT THREAD: ITS OFFICIAL Incredible thread. There's a spot in Philly that does a $100 Cheese Steak with Kobe beef, and truffle oil and fine cheeses and shit... and it comes with a bottle of champagne. Or so the legend goes...
  8. ^^So you're not interested in helping to stimulate the economy eh? Commie.
  9. I'm about to get high at 8hrz, just like the earth, dig it.
  10. White People... Black People... An asshole is an asshole. Bet. Racism is for passive aggressive pussies. Carry on.
  11. Jesuit 33's played at 45'! So much better. Lycosa, first album, played at an speed. Simon and mother fucking Garfunkle - Sound of silence. Wait... what's going on here? Ah shit! The internet. Stupid internet.
  12. Somebody rock a link to what you guys are talking about... Television I would presume. I just got my new RealTree HDmax Camo rain jacket and it's all beautiful outside. It was supposed to rain. Fuck. I guess it can't rain everyday. Don't get it twisted... I really like seeing RATS up in random places. But then there is actual style and what not. Sorry for posting the Aest... I know that he sold out and all, but I just found out about him and I think he style is super! Did you guys hear that he getting a Yacht and sailing around major coastal cities painting Law Offices of Marks and Harrison walls? If he gets to do this, if it really does happen, I wish him the very best of luck. Sorry about the Tonzer... I had no control over it being there. The end.
  13. It stained the entire door blue! Holy Eff'in S! Big Oink! Longtime no talk. Been on a well deserved break from the Once. Looks as though some things will never change around here. Get up with you soon. Shine those haters off man... The OInk mix is well worth the price and works. Can't wait to see the colors!
  14. ^^Well I'm glad someone said it! And what ever happened to "Arson is the new graffiti?" This year need some heat up in here. Fire it up!
  15. Apparently you are right. Fuck that faggot.
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