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Everything posted by asdf_va!

  1. He owns the name Read. Plain and simple. No hate needed to cross you out. It's embarrassing to our town that you're even writing that name, it's only right that you get crossed out. Dummy.
  2. ^^DC thread's got em a dozen pages back or so.
  3. ^^Yeawh... 1996 still has em. If you can make it to at least 1992 you'll be golden.
  4. ^^Cosigned. That CEVS looks like he smashed a RED into a Repae.
  5. Try rocking back and forth... KAES - tough ass throw /prohomo RSEE BOB HUNT - Sweet hip hop arrows! OCULT SIGH
  6. ^^I would be happy if you never posted in this thread every again for the rest of your life. ^^No Egg Shen??
  7. The Ceramics/Lethal wall is a legal wall. Only a herb would get "busted" at that wall.
  8. Sure... I'll give you a head start.
  9. ^^You must mean the royal "we?" Those commuters WILL get got.
  10. So much Minneapolis in the house. Ain't complainin', just sayin'.
  11. ^^Hilarious. I rock the quill pen. Got it strait from a Crane off the James. You're obviously showing your toyish'ness. You need to apologize.
  12. Fuck... looking at Tres Hoyt's "graffiti alphabets" is seriously hurting my brain. It's like that kid that got his doctorate in "skratchin' and mixin'" and created these fucked up "maps" of different types of scratches. White people. What the fuck?
  13. Ah the 12oz knitting circle. You ladies need to calm down.
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