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  1. Co-signed... When it comes to that Purp and anything else... Purp takes it.
  2. ^^It also doesn't exist. It's no different than that colored etch that my best friend's, boy's, sister's, cousin's, mother-in-law uses in Chicago to hit insides and bus stops. It just isn't real. So fuck you being overly sensitive over the internet when I was being honest about not telling what something is. I can't tell you because it's not real.
  3. Fair enough... It's still hard to adjust to the incredibly easy access of information via the internet. A lot of what is covered in these threads have long been held as an internal secret among writers, only to be given out word of mouth. I feel like the community gets lost when it's over the internet, and ideas don't develop when you aren't in the same room with a homie and can just be normal people not virtual homies anonymously chillin. But yes... what you said is what I was speaking of, but also the physical community aspect of... well anything. Especially writing.
  4. asdf_va!


    Don't ask questions on the internet. If you don't know... then you don't know. Just enjoy the work.
  5. Like Defy said... New formula. But if you have ever purchased KRink in the past... Glass Bottles only. Never in plastic. And the last mini mops that did have real KRink in them would warp the plastic bottles over time. That's why I have shelfed my unopened bottle of KRink... In glass it will last for sometime.
  6. Just an honest, not a dick move, question... Do you think that putting this sort of stuff on youtube and in the public eye in general is like MTV'ing, pardon the made up expression, something that shouldn't ever be in the public eye? It just makes it too easy, and too open.
  7. Taste it. If it's sour, throw it out fast. If it's sweet... add some salt and simmer for 20 minutes. Then taste again. When the flavor gets closer to a chicken stock, that's when you know it's ready. Good luck.
  8. Actually I was responding to this part of your quote: Most of you guys need to actually read this thread... cos most of this is repeated bullshit. ^^True story. BIG O!NK: Crazy times right now, but I will be getting up with you soon homie. I have some shit, non-graffz related, to send to you as well. Happy New Year! Call you soon.
  9. ader is fucking snitch. With that said... He is just using a regular NYC style mop with felt tip, but the felt is crushed and worked in to be soft and incredibly spongy. You can get the same effect with a kiwi nib that has fabric wrapped over it. This is a INK ONLY technique. I posted a how to a while back on the kiwi nib with a flick of what it should look like. Good luck. Stop Snitching.
  10. Should work ok... Never tried it. You really don't want to use something like that unless you are wearing gloves. Valve markers leak, and etch is like water.
  11. ^^True Story... On the other end of that story... You can hit up, unpainted, metal with etch and it can look dope.
  12. ^^Just how it is. Things will settle back to fun and happy... Actually I think they are fun and happy. 12oz/Ch0 is dope for what it is, but it is just a web page. If it does go public again, at least make the flick threads private and requiring invites. Either way, when I waste time on the internerd... I will be here. -New Screen name oner, 7 long years participant. Edit: I voted for Boogie Hands.
  13. Yo... Global warming is the shit! Got the windows open and everything!
  14. asdf_va!


    ^^Classic like last year.
  15. ^^Actually... It would't work at all. I was just being a jerk when I wrote that. You will want to use Epoxy Resin. Once it's set and dried it's chemically bonded. But you CAN use Elmers Glue to make fake skin. Just smear all over your hands and let it dry. Then you can pull it off like it's real skin! What a life. Good luck.
  16. ^^Check it out: http://www.angelaboatwright.com/ Way better images. Again... NYC!
  17. ^^Haha!! Stay classy New York! I'm so glad that you post in this thread. 2008... Arson is the new graffiti! Fire it up!
  18. Yeah... F'Sure! Fuck last and bert. Bump Hersey, I heard god hates you... But that was just hearsay. Big ups to the Dirt Dog. 2008... what will it bring?
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