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  1. e-racked or not, this needed to be bumped!
  2. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
  3. ^^Speaking only for myself... Shut the fuck up. If you aren't going to post flix or say some ridiculous shit that boggles the mind as to how the hell you came up with it, you should just sit back and watch. It was your absurd requests and comments earlier in the week that sketched people out of posting flix. I still believe that you are not what you claim to be either. You have no place to request or command anyone to "keep it goin." bump thebumpmaker!
  4. ^^bump that straight letter pear PR
  5. ^^WHAAA!!??(again!) How are you coming up with this stuff??
  6. Do you really think that CON was the first person to use a bubble style throw? Have you seen any other throwies before? Maybe you just haven't been that exposed to throws. Most throwie letters(on the east coast) are very similar. You can't really bite a basic throwie letter. Its like using white fill and black outline and saying that anyone after you that uses this scheme is biting you. Think before you post criticism, and at least post some flix. *stolen from safestreetsdc.com* *stolen from safestreetsdc.com* Anyone have any old SIRE(rip), METER, Ghost(DC)?
  7. ^^out of your mind... thats a classic fresh23! i hear fresh and kunta almost rumbled back in the day. classic...
  8. ^^you show me an original throwie(that YOU did) and i'll show you at least 3 people that have similar throws from before your time. why hate? stay up!
  9. ^^don't see what you want to see on here? 2 options... 1.don't look at the page. or 2. do something about it instead of complaining. go rack a disposable camera. get it developed at wally world w/cd of images and walk out with the flicks in your jacket. go to a public library, post em on photobucket and put what you want to see. its free. don't hate because people are doing something instead of just sitting back on the internet and complaining. if you don't like it... fix it. *not DC, just old felon*
  10. I caught the big B in action this morning on my way to work. *stolen* *stolen* It's happing right now. A complete fucking shame! Shitty drab white. Now it looks worse than ever, and sticks out like a sore thumb. (don't ask where. go outside, you can't miss it.)
  11. if you can't tell the difference between con and eon, then you probably shouldn't be dissing eon or defending con... 2 pence in the bucket...
  12. ^^no comment. (other than saying "no comment")
  13. ^^true that... maybe if you lived in the middle of nowhere, but you live in the nations capitol. it aint nyc, but its still a recognized city. *Stolen from NYC thread* *Stolen from NYC thread* stay up...
  14. Done. Did you guys read this weeks Style? thats it.
  15. Its street art... but I was stoked to find my camera that had been missing all weekend. Try not to hate, if this doesn't belong here. I did this more for the cats that don't live in Rva. more...
  16. ^^bump those and the DYSLO is super hot.
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