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  1. You've gone too far. Should have quit at the obscure KEMO flick.
  2. DOME. KEMO Blue Collar Stamp (circa 1995).
  3. As well as many other desirable locations! Big ups.
  4. ^^This isn't the DC thread dummy. Relevant Information:
  5. I thought I was on FaceSpace with all these personal updates and what not. Fingerbang your buddies elsewhere guys.
  6. Four block rule people. Don't shit where you eat. Smelly food for thought.
  7. I know it's on the internet, somewhere... but take that flick off of here. Edit: "Bump" both those dudes.
  8. Iggy Pop was in this film as well... If you don't know... now ya know.
  9. A new generation of kids writing on things... Another generation of history lost in the wind.
  10. Who's fucking chair is that? Not my fucking chair. NO WAY! Not my chair... Not my problem. That's what I say!
  11. ^^Yes. Remember the failed Punko campaign the city had going like 7 years ago? Little claymation dude going all city. Well this is another huge misappropriation of funds, put on by the city with the taxpayer/bailout bullshit money that could be going towards so many other issues in this town. At least that's my take on it. Give it a week or so, and the city will put up giant clean wall ads saying something to the effect of... "isn't THIS a lot better? Support your city and clean up the streets." This town needs an enema.
  12. Speaking of fillin's... And I hope you don't mind, I had to spot jock ya! But seriously... this is printed vinyl. Some viral ad or what not.
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