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Everything posted by asdf_va!

  1. ^^This reads like you were excited about it. Weeeiiirrrd.
  2. ^^?? Bob Hersey Youth 1DER RIP Aker That Dirty Dog Goodnight.
  3. ^^He'll be fine. They're famous. DICKO* ala... Field of Dreams.
  4. It's good to see actual film in the mix. Gives that feeling of time that the digital seems to filter out with present clarity. Where did my voice go?
  5. This is me and Resper catchin' wreck on the mean streets of Stanton, VA... Don't hate. If only graffitis, and munitions, could dispel this man-made swine flu I got. That would be illy.
  6. exist. 4 color reixxi. bangbang on the 45. tip.
  7. ^^So you start each day thinking about gay dudes? EDIT:EW!
  8. If they are free... I suggest getting multiple shades of the same color, as they make several per each. Cover Kuthe
  9. ^^So this is that new "back to the future" style that all the cool kids are raving about in NYC. It's so raw!
  10. Did this thread show up as Subscribed for you?
  11. ^^Did you try calling your airline first? I know that if the luggage hold isn't pressurized, the seal on the cans should break.
  12. ^^ This it alright... it's why the internet sucks.
  13. ^^ "They don't don't make Jews, like Jesus, anymore." -Kinky.
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