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Everything posted by asdf_va!

  1. Too much wack on wack crime for me. Goner circa 2005.
  2. Crusties go home! ...shit. They ain't got one. EDIT: Get a job hippies!
  3. Why muss I cry, I why muss I cry... Tell me why!
  4. ^^Finally... someone is making sense on here.
  5. H H H ! Aest S's punching Aest E's in the stomach. BOB exchange is a good idea. RC drawings of any style, any alias, any medium. And what?
  6. ^^To bad you didn't steal the Cense that is next to this. DICKO DICKO DICKO Giant fucking H. God hates Hersey.
  7. The world screaming RC! Smooth criminal.
  8. ^^I was actually talking about the last 30 pages or so and not just you... ah well... fuck you too. You're welcome for the answer. I gave you shit because I had no idea what the answer to your question was. I just happened to look into it and realized that you, most likely, made zero effort to even attempt to find out for on your own, other than asking on here. It took me more time to copy and past the answer than it took to find. You are lazy. Don't blame me that you are part of the 'gimme now' generation. I never argued anything. I AM cool. Deal with it. Good luck.
  9. ^^So I see the lack of grammar shines through. Any of you children ever hear grown folk talking about "google?" It's interesting, because page after page you kids keep asking the same questions; All of which can be answered, amply I might add, at a moments notice. Here... try it. You get this: ^^That's from the first link, first paragraph, second sentence that google gave for searching "how to epoxy mastic." Stop being so dependent on others, and start learning on your own time. Good luck.
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