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  1. ummmmmmmmmmmm what the fuck is this thread this thread gets a reward for biggest waste of time ever
  2. or becasue you post chicken scratch and act like your king cope
  3. new jersey and toronto for streets and walls and europe for trains
  4. i hate how theres only like 4-5 diff styles of graff now biten by literally 1/2 of every one in every god damn town in america so for that matter bump foreighmn graff im fucked up and drunlk and cant spelllllllllll but you get the idear there sir
  5. i wish the top trend was trying to be original and start your own style
  6. wow im fucked up ummmm i mean nice thread bump!
  7. yeah so not that i give about but theres supposed to be laws about having a monopoly on the market witch 59/50 does for sure but props to them ritch ass motherfuckers and i like there hats so bump this thread
  8. funny thing is same thing with graffiti now its the trendy thing to do and all these fools bite shit off the internet god dAMN GRAFFITI JUGGALOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. the sad thing is way way way WAY back in the day i used to like icp and i know everyone says this about every fucking rapper/rocker but i listened to that shit way before it was cool or the retarded over the top juggalo following back when you had to get the cards to find out when was the next alum drop or when they would drive around in the ice cream truck and hand out tapes ah the good old days giant jnco jeans to many drugs!! BUT FUCK THIS ICP SHIT SILLY!!!!!
  10. p.s. i think mind ease puts more efforts in trying to be on peoples dick in his shouts outs than he does in his own pieces
  11. druid go back to omnimix with all the other "cool" kids
  12. im not sure if i read that clear but it sounds like it has two safetys one in the grip plus the double trigger and it has one in the grip im not so into that? does any one know if it has a safety in the grip????
  13. http://www.shootingtimes.com/handgun_reviews/st_0205_springfield/
  14. http://www.chucktaylorasaa.com/SpringfieldXD9.html
  15. damn!!! thats how the laws should be everywhere. my friend just moved back to ohio from arizona and he said everyone open carrys there. well what do you guys think of a springfield xd-9 everything i find says its the same or better than a glock for less money http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/review/XD-9_Tactical.htm
  16. i do like what i read about it for the price but i want a gun thats a little bit bigger any one have an idea of maybe a different generic 9 thats a little bit bigger in size but no high points or any of that bullshit something that has some accuracy???? any suggestions appreciated
  17. thanks for the suggestion im deffenitally going to look into it and a 45 is badass but personally a rifle is what i would use to scare the shit out of somebody my boy has an ak and my other dude is getting an ar-15 next week. but pistols you can actually take places and get a permit for. i just like the practicality of handguns even though i hate how you can get a bad ass rifle or shotgun for cheaper than a handgun but supply and demand i guess. can you find parts/extended clips etc for that gun?
  18. okay now this thread needs to be closed dude please edit that not for me but so that everyone doesnt have to see that shit
  19. im about to be getting a new 9mm very soon, and i think imgonna get a glock17. i wish they still made the 17L because i do kinda want a longer barrel but if i get a open carry license everyone says its way to big to carry around. im also thinking about getting an h&k does anyone have any suggestions of a reliable acurate 9 thats under $600? so far the glock seems to be the most popular recamendation but i tend not to be into the hiped up things and i like to have something not everyone else has but obvously something thats of good quality any recomendations?
  20. im sure some of you guys are into guns so lets make this discusion/pics
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