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  1. let me get on that bitch with a dirty prostitue and A fat burner
  2. does everything haver to be political? what about science or just other misc vids???
  3. i thought this was gonna be motorcycles what a disapointment!
  4. fuck closed minded people politics religion etc.........
  5. damn and that you mentioned some shrooms im about to get myself some of them badboys this weekend
  6. well im glad to see atleast alot of other writers do realize life for what it is
  7. ok than thats some real shit. kinda sounds like something i would say myslef actually
  8. p.s. you know your a pimp when 1/2 of you photobucket shit is down because of it content
  9. typing has nothing to do with content just because someone didnt go to harvard doesnt mean there not smart. theres a difference between bieng smart and educated .
  10. yall are not even grasping what im saying once again I AM NOT COMPLAINING OR MAD OR ANYTHING DUMB. I WAS JUST TRYING TO POINT SOMETHING OUT SIMPLY A OBSERVATION! not gonna move to the woods or blow anything up
  11. wish i could put graffiti in here to bad everyone and there damn wack ass politics cant just enjoy art beacuase because ther in abc or zyx crew. fuck politics! fuck bieng slaves to society in this man made money is everything world!
  12. no shit i already said about my very poor education and im over here trying to explain the complexitys of life and thats when i pointed out the irony of what i wrote
  13. theres a mistake its sopposed to say that god (mother nature whatever stupid label you wanna give it) is just expirimanting with the different types of energy trying to find out wich creature/eneregy can exist in perfect harmony. peace
  14. serously why the fuck is everyone so DUMB??? human biengs aint shit thats wright HUMAN BIENGS AINT SHIT!!! we all think we are so great we are only born to die regardless of what you say or what the fuck silly hocas pocas religion or other shananigens you some how really believe in. life is just infinete experiments of different types of energy tryimng to coexist withen its paramiters of its very existance whatever it may be. There are infinite planets galaxeys whatever you wanna call it different types of biengs creatures or just what i like to call types of energy? the experiments are each essentially set up so that the biengs will live off of one another and coexist obvouse example we breath out carbon monoxide and trees breath it in(may be reverse im really high) . but no matter what creatures or biengs they are only are born to die. because again we all think we the shit but when we realize how super redicoulisly insignifagent we really are most of dont even wanna live with the realization. everytime a creature/bieng dies when it is reberthed million and billions of years later it now has adapted to have another as we call it "sence" eyes ears smell taste etc etc..... the more sences you have the more in tune you are with your surroundings/reality. (just think whats gonna be our next sence?) At the inevitable end of the cycle the creature inevtally becomes pure energy wich is what your so called "god" is. He is pure energy so there for he can create or manipulate "reality" in wich ever way he seem fit" there could be a planet of horses with carats on strings just out of there reach running untill they die just for his own damn personal amusment and nothing more than that! coexist togther in perfect harmony but us humans only care about ourselfes and think just because we have some stupid car or something that were the man well guess what the jokes on you. there were infinate biengs on our very planet before us and will be after us forever and ever and infanitally larger than are human minds can even imagine but the biengs or creatures just live until they self destruct human biengs are a virus to the earth that just runs it coarse ultamitally until the energy(humans) destroys itslef but eatch time it dies millions and billions years later a more advanced more intellagent and superoir bieng grows out of the remains this my friends is the cycle of life YOU are nothing less of important than a grane of sand in the dessert. your just a fraction of a milla 2nd in mother natures time. It takes millions and billions of years to evolve . but thats just it theres just infanitaly different expiriments(planets) with infanitly different types of biengs that just live untill they die and then a more superoir bieng grows out of it. This is just what reality or "mother nature " is infinate experiments of different types of energy bieng created only so it can be destroyed because each time it dies something far more superoir grows it just takes billions of years to happen. so yeah we AINT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! ummmmmmmmmmm i dont know who the fuck just read all of my poorly mis spelled slab of horrible education trying to explain the meaningof life ......ha ha the irony? but take it or leave it love it or hate . wether your smart enough to beleive/realize this to yourself thats just a start i could school you inferoir HUMANS all day untill the next time just like my graffiti take it or leave it love it or hate it but regardless its there for you to see make of it what you will. do your thugfizzle party like a rockstar. rock out with your cock out or do whatever the fuck you do whatever floats your boat and much love to all of 12oz this is the first thread i ever started and probably the last. exspecially cause yall are gonna think im a retard once read all that but peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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