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  1. bill e banks i know you got some fire post it up homey
  2. this is the thread for the real g's fuck the haters lets show em how its done colombus style ESE BDK PBJ TFC 614 bABY!!!
  3. Re: Maine Funk the world fin ta know mike jones man!!
  4. this dude bites me way too hard! u damn fricken toy!
  5. THIEVELAND!! everything is a big shithole paint everywere!!
  6. drank90% of a bottle of good ol jd by myself everyone talking mad shit about how sick i was gonna be and woke just fine no hangover at all smoked a pipe and welcomed in 08
  7. i like it but i like the alcohaul alcohaul alcohoul alcahowl alcohaol blah!
  8. im the fireman you could spark it up and ima put you out
  9. nice post bu,mp all them ohio headz dizer ridl crow and big kwester
  10. OHIO OHIO OHIO 08 baby here we go......................................... happy new years
  11. kid not trying to be mean but unless you work on that shit more if you post it people are gonna be perronas good luck
  12. dope post that fatso is phat look at how ugly those old ass hek and maks are but bump ohio!
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