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  1. ummmm really high and not gonna read all that shit but go read cosmos by carl sagan or any steven hawking book your favorite dirtyboy mag but yes sir the internets are very damn boring yet for some reason everynight i always end up on here??? aint life funny oh and fuck beer JACK DANIELS!!!!!!! ALL DAY ALL NIGHT good old JD!! red stripes not my favorite but i support it because jamaica and the rastafari MON!! peace
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco i shave my balls just for you!
  3. just what you gonna be son TOOTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i go to hoola hoop competitions every third sunday portland knows how to get down BABY!
  5. riding by myself really not really so heavy in the trunk make the car pop a wheelie WHO its weezy baby!
  6. yes pbj is the best graffiti crew EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET!!!!!!quit burning awr msk tko your making all of 12oz jealus of them skillz.
  7. http://www.realneo.us/blog/jeff-buster/searching-for-clevelands-soul
  8. http://www.realneo.us/art-may-show/real-neo-graffiti-now-may-show-at-star-complex
  9. http://www.realneo.us/blog/jeff-buster/urban-branding-truth-or-lies
  10. i go to cheap motels and listen to people have sex
  11. ha ha and i thought i was the only one that thought of this
  12. im not even a woman and iv had about 50 some odd ass babies that aint shit besides that i made that shark pregnant but shhhhhhhhhh!!! i could lose my job so dont repeat that peace kids
  13. kerse lost nice post right der sir
  14. i think you all need to be in the special olympics
  15. and bump for kent flics/not colombus or cleveland
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