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  1. actually free knot again and again and again and again and again is anyone noticing a pattern with this dude or is it just me?????????????????
  3. guess what fellas youv been BURNED! BURNING ALL KRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMPSKI!!!
  4. riding by myslef really not really so heavy in the trunk make the car pop a wheelie
  5. what the fuck kinda name is purple drank????????????? you stupid WIGGER ASS hip hop wannabees are ruining graffiti
  6. and a special on there clothing store and sex slaves http://youtube.com/watch?v=b6R--sSSwxE&feature=related
  7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=hy7R3H_Nz8g
  8. bump that 240shit iv got an 89 240 that i beat the shit out of drifting
  9. this shit is HUGE in cleveland 4-5 people i went to high school with all died withen the last year or two. and yes oxy's is deffenitally the gateway drug for alot of people, but fuck all that shit. WEED is all you NEED!!!!!! well and beer
  10. i think im blind thats fire is just to damn bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. one of the best threads on 12oz BUMP!!
  12. damn amazing style hurter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. so why does everyone hate guns with the interoir safety pin? like the ruger sr9 even if your gun jams its super uber obvouse that your not gonna break your gun down in the middle of a fight, only gun field strip you gun when relaxed and safe? it seems to me like there should be an obvouse answer that im missing yet i dont know the answer????? p.s. any feed back on a sr9? good or bad
  14. that wand shit is by far the best thing thats been on here in a while HUGE BUMP!
  15. yeah well your homeboy mak obvously isnt in bak or dbt so if he doesnt stop reping them he is going to have some problems!! and thats his super friendly warning
  16. ar 15 is accurate but they are less reliable and more prone to jam were as a ak can be thrown in dirt or sand or where ever and still function perect. but they both are badass
  17. not ment to talk shit or be an ass just asking
  18. either wand changed his name or that "nerd" peice is on his nuts real real hard but im assuming thats just wand right?
  19. broken or lost glass pipes, hats, weed, cell phones and luckely always found them(phones) again, one time i was in another city painting and my boy lost the keys to the car and i thought we were completely screwed and after retrasing are steps and not finding shit i thought we were stranded in another state only for me to climb back up this billboard and find the keys on the platform
  20. fuck being an art fag yes colors are nice but graffiti is about graffiti and making due with what you got wether its a spot some shit to stand on hide behind scraps of paint etc....... and if your gould enough you can burn people and all there colors or get super intracet that is only if you know how to spell first
  21. fuck that black and white is all a man needs if you bomb hard you would know this. go on try to go around and fix all your dissed shit that you did with like 50 colors and ill just stick to black and white works on ALL serfaces and is easy to fix if you beef alot
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