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  1. i think i could give spraypaint to a seal at my fricken zoo and it would look better then that shit
  2. its funny how you guys go on here and have to give each other shout outs because no one else will yeah ill give you poke and esioe but there they only real writers out of that list and they dont paint with you ha ha how funny and p.s. not hating on people that paint trains cause they the bomb but if thats the only thing you paint then you know the rest enough said peace out thieveland
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by purpl drank fuck pbj.... internet trend crew the only person that blazes in the whole crew is hery (View original post) JUST SO EVERYONE KNOW PURPL DRANK IS HEK..... DUDE YOUR A FUCKIN TOY. 1. YOU'VE BITTEN HEIST'S STYLE 2. ENDER WILL BURN YOUR MOTHER FUCKIN ASS TO YOUR FINGERTIPS 3. GERL NOT ONLY HAS MORE SPOTS, TAGS, AND PAINT TAGS THAN YOU HIS PEICES ARE ILLER THAN A MO FO, AND HE'S GOD MAD THROWIES UNLIKE YOUR JEALUS TOY BITCH FEMINEM GRAFF WRITER YOU THINK YOU ARE. YOU AND BACK ESPECIALLY PORK AND CRIK CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES PUNK BITCHES ^^^^^^^^^^ you guys are the biggest joke ever. 1: purple drank is not hek!! 2:you are just that talk! you all no if a single one of u had the balls to be a man you would get off the internet and find us in the streets, or in the bare minimal state you fucking name! wich you wont do because you careers will be endid just like anoys so eat a fat BAK DICK AND SWALLOW WHEN UR DOWN INTRNET TOY CREW 2 YEAR TOYS! 3:fuck this talk, lets do this STATE UR NAME SEEE WHAT OF YOU IS left in cleveland tomorow 3:HEK had painted longer than those fools and will gladly burn them as well as bit heist what are you smoking show me a single simularity in either of there things? 4: keep are names out of you mouth because a few of us are at the point of ending a few of you real soon if you dont learn ur roll we will hand it to you!!!!!TOY INTERNET STYLE DICK RIDING BITCHES! you guys bite and suck at biting come on if you gonna cheat and manage to somehow still suck now that talent 5:toss up with a color fade is not a piece you fucking pbj retards! do ur homework 6: if you spent 1/3 of the energy you did on the internet actually putting in work than you wouldnt have to try to come on here to put a front on for the rest of the world, but ur fooling nobody but yourselfs 7:hek and mak went to pitts and went over hk for talking shit so dont cry because thats what you get when u open ur mouth! sometimes it gest closed for you! 8:bhs and bak and cst the crews that really run cleveland put in work have painted for longer than 2 years dont talk shit and all have there own ORIGINAL styles, oh and get ups and blaze berners for that matter while ur crew consist of writers that try to do one or the other 9: keep it up and that what you''l meet my 9 bitches
  4. bump them bak boys!!!!!!!!!!!! the true cleveland killers
  5. those fools styles are week and evolving backwords so i dont see why all of you up and comers wont get off there dick?
  6. putting people like crow and anoy in ur crew makes you look horrible, and them and afew other names i wont mention to be nice make the whole scene look bad, and lets just see flicks...................no bitching whining and also dont start going over people and then try to make them lookk bad anoy started going over them for no reason be realistic? what did u honestly expect to happen? hk u dont live in cleveland yet u wont get off are dick stay in ur own thread!!!!!!!!!!! and ur just blowing smoke up ur own ass because YOU are the only person that takes you serouse and u guys neeed to atleast try to be creative at hating people we all know hek will burn them, so u just making urselfs look dumb
  7. how pathetic do you have to feel if you talk alot of shit on the internet that you cant handle and the only thing you got is a screen name that says hekisgay and that you admit he took out all of your stuff exept one spot ..............................ha ha you guys are funny
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