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  1. shit i live on mars whats your fucking point if you really think we the only person in the galaxy than im surprised your smart enough to use a keyboard and come on here damn green bitch got three tities "was good ma, can a brother get broken off?"
  2. yeah never read this and just popped in to SAY DUMP THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! single is the only way to ho unless you like 50 and wanna settle down but i say shout me at that day peace
  3. despite what yall think im gonna say BUMP! but only because at least its fucking flicks!
  4. man hold up little mama got my thang swole up! bump toronto to much talent in one place some of yall should move ^^^^^^^^^^^ this guys got jokes right?????
  5. atlas pharo dopez thats what this thread is sapposed to look like bumpski!!!!!!
  6. not gonna keep going in circles with you retards but purple drank has DOZENS of different ORIGINAL styles un like a single writer in pbj edit: sukoe or what the fuck ever he writes does atleast try to have his own style but the rest of you are a joke. Phony Biting Jokes gerl i agree with you about seeing vandalsim and being secure with your work but those are the only things iv ever agreed with you on in my life. the only question i have is why are you guys so happy to copy peoples work? makes no sense to me at all. in the world to me its all about bieng an individual having you
  7. yo homey not trying to be one of these retard 12oz shit talkers the first picture is legit so props but the 2nd flick is kinda silly to post in this thread what gonna happen if you fall 4 feet you gonna sprain your ancle???????????
  8. ha ha dont quit your day job mr stand up comedian since when does beers or seal tear up un anything besides confeti for there little sisters birthday party? yes im sorry those 2 chill spots under bridges do take alot of courage . and those citys arent even big enough to be on a map unless you count the one time a year theres scribble jam. your stupidity takes the cake on this one sir
  9. oh by the way you go over someone from the cleveland family you get gone over for life!
  10. Thanks for telling us were to go and who to put on the menu! who the fuck is rupt anyways you wack legal wall internet kids are about to be hurting. trying to talk shit on bak? i know its natural to hate what you fear but your just bringing yourself into a world of pain. see you soon son! and if yall are so insacure that you just have to sit on here and talk out the side of your mouths about bak, maybe yall are to new/have no understanding of this game but either way all you are really doing is telling the rest of the world how jealouse you are so please PLEASE PLEASE KEEP TAL
  11. rubber dolls are cheaper than real woman and they cant talk back or run away hint go for paralized ones well that todays advice kids stay in school and look both ways before you cross the street
  12. iv taken more drugs than one of thas damn expirimental monkeys
  13. my furnaced just called and told me its jealus of all this heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. one more dumbass pointless post babling about who the fuck nows or cares
  15. underwaterholdingbreathjugglingchainsawsonfirewhilerollingabluntlefthandeddoingbackflips
  16. bump that wolverine cyclops gambit jean grey bishop storm and proffesor x
  17. oh and by the way internet gangster your a little bitch!!!!
  18. is that { fucking crazy right} in pittsburger?
  19. bump that Banger Ass Kronic!!!!!!
  20. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yes truest thing said on here for a minute
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