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  1. how do i get the things in my head to stop rattling around magnets???????
  2. i just like to be a vampire i hate the day and love the night however its real hard to fit in with dumbass society and have a job and do shit
  3. what does this thread and paris hiltons legs have in common?????????
  4. fact anything you can do i can do better
  5. go to youtube and watch the movies titled the following Pakistan Zindabaad (The Most Dangerous Place On Earth!!!!) Down With The Sickness insurgent snipers vs us marines IRAQ DEATH TRAP part 2 Falluja shootout Iraq shoot outs shootout at fallujan pt4 Falluja uncut This is Why I'm Hot (Deployed Style) and much respect to all that serve or have served are country
  6. Re: FONTS FONTS FONTS i love this thread but is a threat , if some little toy were smart enough to just start rocking all this shit hed look like the man and here i go thinking outloud again. damn dont do it kids fonts are bad, there not cool no one will like you!
  7. its open full of pounds of weed and coolers of beer and piles of pills some montana and naked hoes that give you head while you paint the train and as long as were at it 5 gajilion dollars and a red gallardo or did i take it too far oh well i dream big
  8. my balls slapping jessica simpsons ass for hours
  9. this fools got more euro funk than amsterdam
  10. this thread is very very very dissapointing graffiti and girls should be the best thread on here!!!!! ugly girls and bad graff
  11. theres some dope shit on there thanks for link only question i have is if i drule on myself while i paint does that count?????????
  12. im making a movie with your mother little sister grandma and yes even sparky your dog
  13. so im either gonna get a glock 17 or a EAA Witness 9MM Steel, Full Size, 18 Rd Mags but if i get the eaa i dont know if i should get the polymer or the steel frame? does anyone have or have any expeirience with the eaa good or bad?
  14. il take whatever drugs this little kid is on. naw never been to columbus huh and ender and gerl constantly come to cleveland well than come here and show me some of there spots i think mak already took alot of girls good spots and im not even gonna talk about this anymore because i could hold a more intelligent conversation with a wall kid. you know nothing about anything and think your the man.
  15. anyone know anything about this? http://www.impactguns.com/store/741566111167.html
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