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  1. george bush sold me fake hannah montana tickets and im going to kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. bump BUMP!!!!! glad to see as usual my homeys are doing big things
  3. someone post one of those tip filled in cop cars
  4. skyline or dad 759 bak and 3a crew starter
  5. oh and i just noticed that's gots signature color of plutonium g BUMP THAT SHIT!!!!!
  6. bump all of ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this thead has been on and popin lately regardless of who you like or dislike. i love to see beef when its real yes this shit is a little silly but atleast people are painting???? but at any rate fuck the dumb stuff lets keep this shit moving forward bump bak pbj droids dbt ese cst what bhs or any other big crew from ohio that gets down! i love to see spots no matter whos getting them so everyone keep doing your thing!!!!!
  7. yo i know yall are just trying to stick up for cleveland heads but just let these fools sit on here and talk to themselves dont knowone care about what they do or say. they are not gonna gain any fame from any one in cleveland no matter how hard they try. they lost before they even started i dont know why you guys even respond to someone that painted for like 3 weeks just let them say how sweet they are and eventually they will get tired of talking to themselves and realize what an ass they made out of themselves.
  8. its to bad hek has literaly hit more street spots in one night than you have ever hit in your whole life. its to bad the only thing that got "thrashed" was the nice cans of paint you wasted.
  9. ok can the never ending little girl whining please go back to omnimix.............. the shit talking has to stop ruining all these threads if you fools werent jealouse you wouldnt have to try to front super hard on the internet . CASE CLOSED flesh sword or bryer whatever you wanna call yourslef but the rest of us still call you the guy that pissed his pants hiding behind your friend saying exactly "TELL EVERYONE IM A BITCH IM A BITCH AND I DONT EVEN PAINT GRAFFITI"
  10. BIG NORM IS FAR FROM THE NORM............................. BUMP!!!!!!
  11. i think theres more retarded people than posts in this thread, not dissing the good stuff though keep it coming.....................
  12. CLEVELAND PAIN BRINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. back to the regularly scheduled program
  14. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats so cute you guys took pics of that stuff that rode for like ten minutes i guess someone will get to see it on here atleast. heres just a few since everyone already knows whats riding there now
  15. thank you sir edward bump for nice flicks!!
  16. no druid just no body wants to acknowledge your existance let alone waist there time ............... ender vs hek is the deal but fuck this wack ass internet shit talking lets keep it to flicks
  17. who is mike jones coming first round draft picks coming...........................
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