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  1. I just went to grab my pants and pull them down because they were scrunching up in my nuts but i accidentaly grabbed one of my balls and squeezed. shit hurts. fuck.
  2. Keep pumping them out TARS! We like to see them rolling VIRUS you too
  3. Bed.


    ICH's on armns look good! \
  4. That VALUE shot with the clean train is legit AWAL HINDUE MYST fullcar DARK MINES
  5. Bed.

    Short one.

    Good benching What up KERSE
  6. I see JUM getting it in. KUE is legit I know NECS is creeping.
  7. Sitting at school... Waiting for my next class... Then its off to check the spot, walk the dog, blow hard, get ready fro the night life. #Y.O.L.O. btw did nayone else read the news article about the 5 kids that died in a car crash 10 minutes after tweeting someething along the lines of : DRUNK AS FUCK GOING 120 BENDING CORNERS YOLO. ?????
  8. JABER was fresshhhh HERT HOLMS VISER full boy always nice. ones sitting in my spot right now.
  9. My man pOST. You had good shit in here. Keep the benching up friend!
  10. Couple pictures that could be considered relevant
  11. You know i stay wit bout at least a couple dem er partna'....
  12. How many of you would be upset if I told you I was about to go rock a Coldtrain? ...........
  13. Bed.


    Obviously I saw the people I fuck with Obviously their the ones doing the work Obviously your upset about that Get over it
  14. Bed.


    See ya next time!
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