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  1. GASM stepping it up with that last one!!
  2. You Detroit cops sure are fun to run from. Straight up DIPPED on your ass!!
  3. Aye just because we're vandals doesnt mean we cant do things the right way!
  4. That ICH is super dope MECRO DRAFT $$$ XAUST MINES PASER e2e
  5. Dear America, Please stop side busting. One panel ope,n one panel smashed, ok thats cool. Two panels smashed... please do not try to cram one in on the side or door. That is all.
  6. Bed.


    If 12 Oz. had a ''like'', this would be it... ^^^^^^^
  7. Its a little bit mind blowing to see whats happening in this city. Its seriously going to be / is the next graffiti mecca
  8. HOPE4 HOPE4 HOPE4 HOPE4 HOPE4 bench this payr despise
  9. ISTO GSHIT CHOKE Big boy flats for the win
  10. xaust mecro frost Those shots with the dog really made me want to go walk trains and paint trains. Not tracks in my city though. new tracks in new places. travel travel travel
  11. Bed.


  12. KERSE got a bunch of them there hoppers
  13. ENVYS MECRO going hard in the paint
  14. TAHOEs got good tag bangs
  15. Bed.


    Some of that stuff is along the right track, some of it looks really bad. Keep working on it, obey proper graffiti painting guideline procedures, and show respect. You do those things and you'll be alright -An eLDee
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