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  2. Lemme peep some more game on some more EKZAM brahhhh
  3. Bed.


    Im startin to liek this BRYER shit alot more too...
  4. Bed.


    Bump for the DARK peice
  5. From the looks of this thread... TEAD and STORI are crushin the city with some dope peices in some dope spots...eeeeeeee
  6. ZEK is really fucking ill.... Thats about all there is to it...
  7. Bed.


    Im actually feelin some of this HIDE shit...
  8. SEAP COUPE E2E DARK Trevooooooorrrr ha.... CAKE ETHER AKTR fullcar And that KWEST fullcar color scheme was INTENCE..............
  9. Bed.


    Yo that GAMBLE is badassssss
  10. Yo... has anyone seen that movie The Presteige... I think my spelling is a little of but... that movie was dope as fuck, the ended...EEEEEEE
  11. Bed.


    I really liek the whole style and steeze comming form Ohio and the areas around it... People like GAMBLE, all the TA, MFK, TAC, DROIDS guys... i just feel that fucking style
  12. Bed.


    Ohio is dope as fuck!
  13. MESTO is sick all around... bump that man
  14. Bed.

    Ici Montréal

    That ZEK is dope as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  15. Bed.


    those fr8s are dope as fuck... bump for that PASER RIDLE TIMBER and... i forgety hwqo else was on it but ya bump that 1
  16. that MESTO rollers 3-D looks dope as fuck
  17. Bed.


    Yo this thread is dope... BERLIN PASER TIMBER DARK DENZ ETHER
  18. Bump for that COUPE model
  19. Bed.


    yo this is a dope ass thread!
  20. Bed.


    I like this dewd bubble letter hollows i see rollen by... ha
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