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  1. My boys converted ambulance. This thing has taken us to South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, and some local Midwest spots (from Chicago).
  2. Northern Michigan last weekend. Been trying to do more winter backpacking. The bonus is there are virtually no other humans around.
  3. Are orders delayed a few weeks? Ordered a couple shirts a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard a peep.
  4. good memories. i haven't logged in in a minute. "this is the place" and "what are you listening to" introduced me to lots of new music. the day in the life picture edition was always entertaining. the myspace + mspaint thread made me lol. second life was super fun - http://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?threads/%E2%80%A2-second-life.108722/
  5. I did pay the first time around. I couldn't recover my password, so maybe I lost my status :(
  6. 2006, under this account name. I had a few others prior to that.
  7. that PNS tape.... nice. wish i knew were all my stuff went. gramaphone always had the good stuff behind the counter.
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