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  1. shitttt no way so its sketch to be getting up in sf and ny? i mean i live in the bay area (south bay) so i go to the city quite alot, well not alot but now and then, i always thought it would be easy as fuck to get up in big cities like that (and ny) cuz therer are just so many ppl and at night you dont look sketch walking around (cuz its a big city so its common for ppl to be out all times of the day) just hittin up tags and bombs and shit, but now you guys are making me think no? also, i was really thinkin about moving to washington also, like northern washington (bellingham), always wanted to move there what do you guys think about getting up over there? yea this pretty much sums up my questions also lol
  2. ok forsure thanks guys and but wait do you think 2 gallons of paint for the fill and one gallon for the outline would be fine? i dont plan on a huge roller, just a good size one, and also cant i just mix the paint with paint thinner? instead of ammonia. and btw i dont write jester ahah
  3. planing on doing my first roller soon, just getting supplies together but never done one before so i was just wondering does anyone have any tips or recommendations? also not sure on how much paint to get... im not doin a huge one, so i was thinking maybe a gallon of black and a gallon of white? what you guys think
  4. alrite first post here guys, been lurkin on the forums for a minute tho. been writing for a couple years now Just want your guy opinion's and advice. i plan on transfering to a college/university within the next year or two, thinking about new york or san Francisco, how is it bombing out in new york? do you gotta know what your doin or where to go? and i dont know how i would meet ppl that are also infused in the graffiti culture, any tips thanks
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