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  1. Re: Best Man (nohomo) Speech LOL at replies to a thread from 2007. the speech went well btw. i kept it short. it was in new orleans. i smoked so many cigarettes that i quit after 10 years on my drive home (to chicago). haven't smoked since!
  2. crazy. i remember first seeing this crew up on the southside in the mid 90's, funny how much they progressed and spread across the globe with quality while a lot of those other crews no longer exsist or still suck. always good shit.
  3. http://www.chiboulevards.com/post/17669466642/old-school-humboldt-park-logan-square-albany-park
  4. @MERCER i tried that, now both of my pc's are fucked up with this log in nonsense. oontz needs repairz.
  5. i made it through about 50 so far....currently dl'ing something i'm not even sure i want. what does one do with cd's after this?
  6. downloading every cd i have to my pc, what took me so long to do this? it takes for fucking ever. just listened to the beatnuts for the first time in 1o years possibly.
  7. im having steaks and brews with some peeps. /old/married oner
  8. I'm having the same issue. I've tried the fix above and switch over to the forum, and everythings locked. I then hit "logout" and it tells me i'm alerady logged in. so i have to go the main page and start all over again. been this way the past few weeks. :(
  9. i never get sick of scanning this thread.
  10. props on the old school highway spot spell out
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