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  1. agreed, i watched one episode and was hooked. missed the finale though...
  2. i'll try to do the same..i do have some stuff, but i definitely lost some thru the years..
  3. nice^, wish i still had some of the chirock zines.
  4. drinking cheap wine, and cleaning out the crib, came across about 6 graff magazines from the 90's....are their n00bs who pay $$ for teh grAff magz?
  5. i mean, it's great and all that he won the game in the end. the fact is that dude can not complete an nfl pass most of the time. if you get up big on that team, they're fucked... that was one of the shittiest games i've watched in a while... for that matter, what happened to sanchez? did he always suck this bad?
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