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  1. Mr.Big Pants

    The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

    Welcome to the life and times of an underemployed graphic designer living in Seattle. Wake up to the gloom Read about the gloom Go to the gym Make my way to a coffee shop to get some work done Wrote a birthday card to my grandma, she just turned 99. She has dementia and can't remember any of us, but I do know that she likes sparkly things so I picked out this card for her. I've relapsed. Went to a record shop on my way back home, this guy makes some really crazy music. Drank scotch and went to sleep.
  2. Mr.Big Pants

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    Taking on Polish Nazis in drawball, anyone have screen shots?
  3. Mr.Big Pants

    2013 Mµ§iç †h®∑∆d..... following tradition edition.

    Silver Apples Pete Kember's discography Dirty Beaches, kinda like suicide meets the cramps produced by Phil Spector
  4. Mr.Big Pants

    Post Your Desktop

  5. Mr.Big Pants

    The Nonsense thread

  6. Heres the vid. Let me tell you a story about my people....
  7. Mr.Big Pants


    If you find yourself walking off the ferry from Spain to Tangier don't let anyone be your guide or sell you a rug, head straight to the Bus du-gard and hire a taxi to chefchaouen. Also, like Symbols said, packing only a small bag is easily the best thing you could do when traveling to multiple places. Its perfect for those transition days when you're hotel/hostel/squat checkout is at 12pm and your train/flight/bus out is at 5pm. It allows you to bum around the town unburdened before leaving. Packing a smaller day bag into your main bag will also come in handy. Save room when you're packing, you never know what you're going to come back with. I did 3 weeks of europe and africa with an over the shoulder bag, I was nervous about doing it at first, but it was a great decision in retrospect.
  8. Mr.Big Pants

    Vladimir Putin is a Beast

    Putin scaring the fuck out of Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel whom has a fear of dogs. Article about it.. http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2007/06/14/putin_uses_dog_to_intimidate_merkel
  9. Mr.Big Pants

    True Life: Im a Juggalo

    Haha those canvases. Nothing pains me more about juggalos then when there is a potentially attractive girl painting her face and hanging around a bunch of greasy fat idiots. If I was majoring in anthropology I'd write my final paper about these lames and blame it on the midwest.
  10. Mr.Big Pants

    Dead on mount everest

  11. Mr.Big Pants

    Fuck it, right?

    Bummer dude. If you want to abstain from illegal activities to cope2 with your problems I suggest draw-balling a big cock on someone's masterpiece.
  12. Mr.Big Pants

    Adult film star appreciation thread ( Girls only!)

    Annie Lee I personally think she's way too cute to be doing hard core stuff. Its a shame really, if she didn't get pounded by dick for a living I would wife her up.
  13. Mr.Big Pants

    12oz lurkers Slients Watchers

    Proud to be a propping lurker.