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  1. my friends dad had a raging impromptu wine party when nixon died.
  2. 95% of weed? bullshit. logic??? undocumented worker - dude trying to feed his family. undocumented driver - broke person with no licence, not a fucking car theif. learn spanish so you can tell when they're talking shit about you and you won't be so scared anymore. ...and even though he changed his name every 3 months, Jose was the best co-worker i've ever had. hundreds of times better than the E-tard rich boys that the boss would hire...
  3. This just goes to show we need to do a better job as parents. I bet the cop was abused/ignored as a kid and is no serpico. I bet the woman seeks out abusive boyfriends due to past baggage, I bet she was calling her jelous man to check in, not her brother. (i don't know shit but i was a taxi driver for a couple years haha like that means shit) i can't believe that no one said anything about this being a beautiful (top 8% out of 8000?) 22 year old woman. putting myself in the cop's shoes, how the fuck would I ever, EVER feel justified tazing this female here? I would have stepped up gawked a second and said something stupid as fuck like "wow, I'm so lucky to have pulled over beauty like yourself," hamming it up like a good little pig hopefully diffusing this tragic scene. I've thought about being a cop too, and situations like this one are why I could never last at that job. (yes, if the woman was 45 with a cat sweater on who's belligerent and i was scared of getting cat piss funk on me she's getting tazed. maybe shot.) could be worse even, i know of a 20 year old girl who was tazed 4 times in a row for being drunk on her front porch. it's a small town so they followed home the designated driver from the party knowing for certian that a couple of the passengers weren't 21 quite yet...she'll get her money though. that's the real american way.
  4. that riz is hella trizzy durks that slizzy got sezzies n shit no lie (that hood rat is extremely white trash and or group home dude, the slut has got a smelly pussy and or a venerial disease to boot and i'm not lying) larry ass meaves (homosexual black men) davy eats (chinese food) hittin chrones or simply H/C (smoking pot) rizzin kril's (stealing paint) fez (pussy - literal or figurative)
  5. Kirby p


    fuck you! raargh!
  6. Meh hope4/grow thanks a ton for sharing, that's some boring shit sometimes.
  7. some times the tape looks really cool in your sketchbook, being all painted up and all better idea.... stencils. fuck em, make em read the numbers off of the ladder. that'll show em.
  8. mayosturdayonaaise thuh jacs cie5
  9. setup and rime are really good ears hope suck river hash meter247 means dark this post is built ford tough.
  10. till the next stormy night
  11. I float through the sky like a dirty city pigeon...
  12. suck hope4 from denz coupe mines sever hybrid
  13. mail me cathrine zeta jone's feminenne napkins for a wet sloppy blow job
  14. i broke up with this girl over that guy, only cause she swore she knew him and she was full of shit. fuck davey
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