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  1. it's more fun when some body's hating. reser
  2. asic uno nice post keep up the good work.
  3. and that point is.......? If it's funny I'll go along with it.
  4. Hybrid sever killah oaks facial hair
  5. hotboy = fizzy womack of M.O.P.
  6. hey youn'un she's doing yayo, not smokeing
  7. i was thinking the same. nice show of flicks Quoted post this is the question of the day.. Nice post.. Quoted post [/b] yeah, so it was this layup, i didn't stick around to see what they wrote unfortunatly. these were not rail workers by the way. crazy chance sighting
  8. shit is just too crazy!
  9. this is why I walk around for hours with a rock i found on the ground hitting up bussshelters untill i'm good to go drunk driving is real stupid
  10. I"ll dig up some wallz.
  11. big mikes possee suck coupe
  12. ^^^ got the idea from 12 year olds. ^^^
  13. That'll do it. hope your nipples are as hard as mine right now.
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