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  1. and if you like talk me i here on AOL one60seeit
  2. Here one old one me have for you still. So long time go. So sorry you take 160 fotografs?
  3. You have old 160 fotografs friend. If say yes you postie yes? I like see train for 160 friend made for me here postie here for me. This man play guitar you no what he say. Like 160 say ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. Make postie go so hi so dodo heads no get mad. So make fotografs her now.
  4. hi friend how me make move play here. I want you see it but no can do this? What mean?
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=83I__HEJlDU You put 160 old fotografs here yes. Policia take from me when I ride train. Say no good. So me need old 160 fotografs. I be back later and make new fotografs go here. Hi friends. Who see it? Me back
  6. old 160 friends you here? You make 160 postie if hav 160 old fotografs. Yes? No? If make postie me make new postie and it go hi. Say yes? I no do this but I mak new home were at. Frind say ok do this so I say good.
  7. Why you make so fun me? I do this on fotografs so long time go. This make me so mad. I have 160 Fan Club so long time go. You no can make new thing in head so you do 160 way. This bad. If you no 160 and have old 160 fotografs old posties you put here so let this man go in hell. What 160 do? 160 see it. 160 come back? Yes? No?
  8. Some one who no 160 tell this man what 160 say about trains like this
  9. Re: A 12oz DOMINATOR IF I FEEL!! AND WHEN IT COMES TO GRAFF.. ALL THE HATERS CHILL!! PORN TDK? I go LA so long time go and no no see PORN say TDK. I see say DTK you dodo head.You no no where TDK is? I think you no say talk in posties and make fotografs only. This be good thing to do.
  10. Re: THE LORDS OF FUNK ARE HERE TO CONQUER BY POSTMASTER POPPY183!!! Some body next to you to mak you say this? Who you talk to ?
  11. Re: THEY SAYIN ITS MR. SILLYPANTS TO TAKE THE KREW ALL THE WAY!!! BY POSTMASTER POPPY183! See any trains good? No talk fotografs only. No ladies in house dodo head. This no rap concert. You no RUN DMC. You no rap guy. But me ONE SIXTY.
  13. Re: C'MON SILLYPANTS! WE GONNA PUL AN ALL NIGHTER!! THE FAME BROTHERS ARE HERE FOR PT 11! THIS NO REAL ? He play game. Why this man take fotograf like this?
  14. Re: FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY!!! STING LIKE A BEE!!! ITS YA DAMN BOY POPPY 183!!!!! Yes, Poppy man talk crazy talk. Yes? He no no JONES no no AONES. Not same
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