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  1. i've laughed hard like 5 times over this shit
  2. i wrote up golden boy next to a peice once...seconds after i was chased and ended up hiding in a tree on a golf course for an hour and a half. and that hpix is awesome.
  3. you are the wind beneath my rusto tear fucking one hybrid meh ears serney giagantidome size21 vital denz drab/mays/metaphor OG ctw's ruger/atem/was normal murphy land i bet you were sweating your ass off for most of these... and i just caught that sane/cycle/muze fr8 2 days ago... of course your flick's way mo' bettah. ONE.
  4. yeah, i wanna like it but.... i know size sosa and thuhrok ain't gonna tell... nice shit from natrl and rath... how you can't zoom out man??? :)
  5. whoa son slow down! fuck! shit
  6. my apologies if your fr8 was accidentially deleted cause i swear i caught ya. stay tuned for the return of august sunflower benching...
  7. well, whatddya know, the benching heats up... can i get an ahhh man?
  8. rusty penis thuh rigr vain jacs tim robbins and common almost ryme...look for that dropping in the future
  9. all from this week slow as it may be... i bet my nuts taste like stale beer right now.
  10. i'm not in highschool any more so track weed dosen't really matter... don't trip...i got spots where i can find 7 foot ditch weed trees in september... smoked a blunt last year and almost threw up... tough times... thanks art...
  11. alrite... thanks for sharing if you do and stay safe out there double bag it if you have to.
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