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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from Pharisee) tight.
  2. you take good pictures but you know that yo syphillis i told you serney bondage
  3. as long as we're blasting fringe countercultures lately... someone should make a thread about how graffiti for jesus is hypocrytical as hell. thou shall not steal. (or steal money away from fr8 companies for buffing pro jesus graffiti.) THE CHRIST PUNCHERS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT! YEEE HAAA.
  4. silk x3 rover x2 soke ibet post weasl
  5. jeka fokis jale coupe and the cense is great
  6. that asic is hardt -northwoods dickaround
  7. i do. i work at mcdonalds.
  8. why don't you just come over and bring your camera?
  9. i hope that kid dahmr realizes that's the wackest name ever soon. what the fuck? idolizing murderous cannibal ultra perverts is not where it's at. write Gwar or something, that's okay. and that atlas is bonkers.
  11. seen whilest out onorok stamped soo box river/hope4 cp insulated box*'s cp 209 sighto qc box (crazy nuts) vince (for my 3 year old) by rickone?/?/? moka nrlx box x 2 shrugs streak on a black cp hopper 2 brand new scar/? from jersey plcx hoppers stuck together and that's all i can remember
  12. ruger alch aqua tci 2000 rove mines/dark dark ridl nice envys
  13. If you're kid's going to be the next John Elway, he can't come up in a league with only a couple scrappy Micks. Some times, you play in green bay, some times you play in oakland. pussies. in 8th grade i played against a future NBA player. Holy shit was I bad at basketball. how are you gonna deny at least those kind of bragging rights?
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