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  1. and yea, you're right, im mad because I can't be a guy who goes around talking shit to everyone. I'm also mad because my main punch line isn't 'fuck you Nigga'. That's ok though I understand your need to protect your bitches.
  2. [Chorus] Liquorland is a real nice place Now you might wanna visit but you don't wanna stay 'Cuz if you stay the alcohol might take you under And champagne dreams come up and erict the midnight thunda Pass the gin and tonic I'm a straight up alchoholic 'Cuz I drink a lot of beer and yo I smoke a lot of chronic Now I drink the Old English while my speech is so slurred And I drink the Everclear but my vision's still blurred I try to find religion started drinking St. Ides And I took a night train 'cuz I needed a ride I try to get molenko gave my girl Spanish Fly But now I chill with Captain Morgan and a pack of Colt 45 I got a pet King Cobra and a pet Mad Dog Budweiser taste like water so I killed the tree frog And I'm chillin' always jokin', sippin' rum and coke an' And if I ain't drinkin' then you best believe I'm smokin' I'm only 23 but yo I'll never ever grow up And I'm that crazy ass rapper drinkin' liquor 'til I throw up On the floor then go to the store and get some more A 40 couldn't do it so I got a 64 So I got a little bent and I hopped up in the Nova But the police pulled me over and said "Brother, is you sober?" I looked him in the eye with a hand on my drink let out a fat burp and said "Man, what you think?" The cop tried to make a brother walk in a line So I threw him on the floor and I walked on his spine Then I kicked him in the chest and I dipped up in the cop car Put the pedal to the medal I drink more vodka then a rock star Liquor got me feel like I'm 'bout to explode And I'm switchin' four lanes on a one lane road [Yeah I tried to quit liquor a while back But my mother always told me "Quitters are losers" And I ain't no loser] [Chorus] And I'm highly educated, quite sophisticated Never been incarcerated still I stay intoxicated And now I know the reason why I act this way Sippin' alize on the way to AA And if I can't find a liquor then I won't be disappointed I'll just smoke a coupla spliffs and act like I'm double jointed I'm an Absolut menace when I'm sippin on a Smirnoff Put up like Holyfield when Tyson bit his ear off I drink to remember and I drink to forget I curse worse than a sailor with a case of Tourrets I spend a lot of time with Jim Beam and Jacky Daniels And piss on more streets than Pit Bulls on Cocker Spaniels Catch me sippin' on a liquor thats harder than a lead pipe I'm proud to be Jamaican so I'm sippin crazy Red Stripe Looking for Mighty Casey? Well I ain't hard to reach I'm with a sexy Margarita havin' Sex on the Beach On the road doin' 50 sippin 151 And when I ran out of gas I start run and I run I hit the bar wreck like the witness in a car chase And take more shots than Pacino did in Scarface And before the night's over I have a couple more drinks I got knocked out in 90 seconds like that brother Leon Spinks [Haha know what I'm sayin'? I'm a winner right here and I won Know where I'm goin? I'm going to Liquorland] Chorus.
  3. More than half of you piss me off. You all have dumb shit views of the world and fail to recognize what the fuck REALLY is going on around you. Fuck each and every one of you. Heavy. *Saraday has some nice titties thoe.
  4. What the fuck happened with conan last night?
  5. If you keep riding his dick so hard you might get pregnant.
  6. You'refuckin'gayandthisthreadsucksmaddick.
  7. How the fuck do you fit 56 keys of coke into bananas?
  8. Not suprising.... If he were convicted we would have riots all over this country becuase he was found guilty because he is "black". I don't know what the fuck is with all these dumbass black people like jesse jackson supporting this fucking idiot when he obviously hates black people enough to turn himself white.
  9. True. Problem arises. Im not going to build a business that will have a great chance of being robbed/broken into/etc. Thus robbing low income areas of...even more income. The cities used to be 90% white, like chicago. The jobs didn't run away... in the same areas same oppertunities were available. I don't know but to me it seems that if you WANT to work, you CAN get a job. Its just certain people don't want to work. Being in the Marines for so long, I see young kids like I was once coming from the city being filled with anger and a somewhat depression of how shit was back home. I grew up in the same circumstances many of these people did. What did I do? I chose to go to school, which is basically free if you're poor. Many of my friends made fucked up choices, a third are dead a third are in jail. It all leads to the choices you make for yourself. Its all about character and your insides. I had some white people that were the laziest fucking pieces of shit who never did their job and I had some black people that I was running back and forth trying to apply some promotions to people who had fucking pride in what they did-knew their tasks, had goals, kept integrity to reach those goals and in the end suceded. Im out.
  10. There is a big problem with generalizations here.
  11. Well said. And the only people who are able to change the ghetto is those that live in the ghetto, don't expect some rich people to go out and fight battles they don't know anything about. Get kids to go to school instead of dropping out at 15 and selling crack. Get off of fucking welfare and go out and get a job instead of sittin on your ass complaining while smoking zig zags and sippin on 40s. Pay your mama some fucking rent instead of buying a fucking escelade on dubs.
  12. Do you know what the " If you don't like this country thing" is about? Its about people talking shit every chance they get and in the end they do JACK FUCKING SHIT ABOUT IT. If you wanna change the way shit is, do it. Talking shit and complaining about every fucking thing is not going to get you anywhere. How many of blacks are christians? A fuckin' lot. What the fuck are political affiliations? SHIT. SO STOP FUCKING POINTING AT IRRELEVANT BULLSHIT.
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