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  1. Yahll need to blow the cell phone up. (646) 339 5844 Please. & then post what the hell happened. I dont post here anymore but after this happened I couldnt have thought of a better place to share this info. Heres the convos & his profile: (newest @ top, initial msg on bottom.) <a href="http://www.myspace.com/dromoney">his profile.</a> Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: i got that piff Body: yo boo its no lie and it no bullshit this that harlem bud boo from spiff star boo that my homie from brooklyn yo boo just holla at me 646 339 5844 ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: xxxx Date: Sep 22, 2006 6:38 PM Nah, Ill pass my dude. ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: mucho peso aka Mon3yB@G$ aka 3y3$ low Date: Sep 22, 2006 9:32 PM Body: u dont smoke boo ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: xxxx Date: Sep 22, 2006 6:36 PM Are you kidding me? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: mucho peso aka Mon3yB@G$ aka 3y3$ low Date: Sep 22, 2006 9:32 PM dimes of black and 20s of haze
  2. I want to participate in extracurricular activies with both of these mens.
  3. I think you have ghosts. Or a poltergeist. Call TAPS.
  4. You know how PISSED I am that somehow the B+T crew moved to Alphabet City? I remember only 3 years ago chilling there with PuertoRicans on every corner riding their damn mini motorcycles. Now its ridiculous. I cant go to the city anymore, it makes me sick.
  5. Is that a himalayan boogiehands? my family has two. This is one, his name is Gizmo... I dont have a pic of their other himalayan, Isabella, but she has these intense ice blue eyes that make her look like a puppet. This is my cat, when he was a baby: Him now, still just as cute and adorable: He's such a ham when it comes to the camera. Once he sees it out all his attention goes to it.
  6. Oops, re-read what Balki said. Girls who have a lot of sex are hoes, meanwhile guys are pimps? Fuck that shit. Just cause its "easier" for girls to have sex doesnt mean they are hoes. Grow the fuck up. Shit is so passe I cant even get started. Sorry, its late, Im drunk and pretty pissed off right now. As long as my daughter isnt pimpin her ass on the corner and is playing her game right, more power to her. Fuck what I end up giving birth to in like, 15 years.
  7. Do my hightop Converse Weapons give me a certificate in Hipster? Do my bigger than hipster thighs make me hefty? Just trying to figure things out.
  8. Summertime clothes... figger it out.
  9. Im one week away from graduating art school. Thing with my school is cocky bastards usually are teachers pets, so theres no problem. Why were you really called in? To me being called into the main office of my dept would be for a pretty ridiculous reason, like running the halls naked or burning people's projects (or stealing someone's laptop.) Anyway, your stuff is pretty good. I dig the photos. I cant say Im the best designer around (also cause I hate graphic design even though its my major) but I do have my own style. Although visually pleasing, that AAU logo is kind of a cliche design now. Just being honest.
  10. You all are super sweet!
  11. Re: Cats.............................................. .................or dogs Yeh, and cats are evil. Thats why I love them. Independent and snooty as hell. Cant fuck with that.
  12. Re: Cats.............................................. .................or dogs Im a cat person all the way. This is a pic of my kitty and my roomate's: This is the only dog Ill fuck with, a french bulldog. Im actually in search of a heavily tattooed man with one of them:
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