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  1. nikon sever/mhe/reks shore size21 was soke/flush
  2. freights get faded and so do I you need not wonder why-high
  3. Kirby p

    Spotted 87

    l is for leaf guts 27 sone/waldo re21 and some friends ker/mako some awesome shit about crips flicks of nun
  4. pinworms pinworms spin me around, check out my pinworms and see how they brown
  5. the soundtrack makes me wanna pull out some old shadow/ninja tunes stuff, or watch the weather channel... :clown2: size 21er and the germans
  6. Kirby p

    Beaver Fever

    meh soke ears 7, maybe 8 digit re-stamp? what the fuck?
  7. Kirby p

    Quack Attack

    the wisk con nutsak are nice
  8. ears x 3 couper x2 hope memoh stuk suck sosa
  9. Kirby p

    Spotted 87

    stuk cpaa flat felon/? gt doubledoor nuckler 2 snail peices yesterday, uh one was on a good end to end some shit from tulsa ok, dated o1 kers/ster/pen 94 black cp grainer ratho/dust/ster other side this yukon/gigs grey hplx has been lurking round- pure fire a bunch of locals one of your oxen has died bad water jonas has measels jonas has died cork your wagon and float it down the river
  10. menards key lime for 2.oo, oh wait sale ends monday....AT MENARDS! for the record key lime + blackberry = love on some macaroni and cheese + spiracha chilli sauce shit
  11. people just don't paint em like they used to... crispo is nice
  12. rather be fishing hope4
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