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  1. Other side :hatred: groe coalie...such irony
  2. backlog sorry for any reposts
  3. rigs size21 was/normal denzo I forget who else
  4. jacs ears x 2 hope 4 thuh and I'm liking the stuk alot
  5. has that goose n' guts moved in a while?
  6. this guy's bitching about 80 degrees...shut up. merry christmas from the midwest
  7. blkcptamericaoner ears river
  8. now i know why i got the internet back. i thought the reason was porn but i stand corrected.
  9. lots of dope stuff in chicago :$:
  10. WC = wisconsin central at least that's what we call em from where i'm from.
  11. people don't rock quite like they used to... thanks for sharing.
  12. sosa eats cambells soup from nimz nice benching
  13. denz & yen34 stuk dog nice shots
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