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  1. this post is shorter than normal
  2. Kirby p

    rip riot

    i was trying to explain who had passed away to some naive kids i know so in the future they wouldn't go over him, and they weren't getting it so i gave up... a minute later upon further inspection of the denver and rio grande western coalie next to us, i was able to elaborate.. rip riot.
  3. swerv rendr alch mirg heat sever wsor...
  4. Kirby p


    that car makes me ultra jelous. wood grain grippin like a pack of 87' topps.
  5. Kirby p

    pt 2

    silk river yoson grow waldough cake/phem
  6. my grandma and hot boy dog sitting on that fire my grandma said to hot boy dog i'm gonna set your post on fyah talking bout hey now (hey now) hey now (hey now) eyecoeyeco-onday (whoooooaaahhh) jahkehmafinah-eyenandey jahkehmofinande'
  7. who wants a mustache ride?
  8. my friend is not supposed to have any contact with the "Insane Posse Crew" according to his probation paperwork... kotah/mesko
  9. p a big jelous fuck you goes out to all who made it to scribble this year...this post was all i had money for... stay tuned for a smaller one comming up soon sons.
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