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  1. what's up to all my anonymous internet stalkers...
  2. high as hell fly as hell
  3. Kirby p


    if the internet ruined graffiti why the fuck have you come to this forum? who dosen't like to see pictures of their own shit in far away places? who can't laugh at R. Kelly pee jokes? on a side note ... "established writer" sounds basically like "hardcore bencher" to me... in 20 years from now at freight graffcon 2025 in new jersey you're going to be chatting me up at my table trying to get those ill digital holograms i've got for sale of your peices from 2000...face it. and i'll still be rocking resin stained sweatpants lord give me the power to change things for the better and to be able to deal with the shit i can't change...long live 12 oz
  4. heat/sever all over the place today... and size 21 is swell and natural kills
  5. Kirby p


    ...god hates us all... thuhrock heat/sever
  6. Kirby p


    i have a very relevant opinion on this thread poopies
  7. pork is still the other white meat
  8. human sacrifice is cool
  9. i'd face fuck the shit out of that bencher...
  10. i exist even when no friends are left siggity silk
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