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  1. pre milennium bw stuff slowpoke
  2. Kirby p

    Spotted 87

    a bunch of loaf stuff kers/pen/forgot imcx hopper serzo/? black cp grainer x2 derf
  3. dark denz hope4 ears thanks
  4. panams potash and palm trees
  5. hope 4 do not hump ridl
  6. guilty by association... biggie - ruined by puffy 2pac - ruined by wiggers to the extreme big pun - ruined by the ongoing tragedy that fat joe has become big l - ruined by "I'm cooler than you" underground rap - culture slumming white kid dipshits jam master jay - ruined by the Gap and the concert goers it inspired to show up this game/50 cent thing needs to get more violent...
  7. that t2be2e is real clean dairy land bombers
  8. looks like dude hit up ashy larry's mom's 84 year old ass. go buy a hoe some lotion
  9. Thanks I'd pass the blunt but i can't through the computer jeka wisk
  10. it was nice to get some time alone with her though, you should have moved out son.
  11. good morning reks yank sone/cosby ha its geb party at the moon tower
  12. hope's rose and festival period
  13. atem was aqua swerv rendr meh yabo rip mike delik size21 a quickie to send back home
  14. Kirby p

    Spotted 87

    physk/? cpgrainer jase/krude/ others lamweston mud2/ye? i can't remember shit
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