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  1. Wow, there was almost an entire page on this thread without any Cop2 rants.Guess dude is bummed that no one looks at his thread to see fruity-colored bubble letters and street art faggotry. So he has to come here to get attention/try to derail the thread under the guise of commenting on some video which wasn't made by any MUL member and that got taken off of youtube like a month ago now, with the same lies/flawed logic arguments he's been spitting for almost two years. I don't hear this dude's name in Utah and Ether's mouths, but Cop2 is constantly jocking and whining like a female about some case that he caught all on his own, and that he didn't even get any jail time/felonies/crazy fines for. This guy needs to stop being so obsessed with Utah, Ether and the whole MUL crew, real talk, it's beyond pathetic at this point. Anyways, some recent and not so recent Halloween bangers from the internets: UTAH ETHER UTAH ETHER UTAH ETHER GOMA
  2. deleting cop thread=dogwhales but seriously, there is so much editing and deleting of various posts and threads on this site as of late, i don't know why anyone is surprised.
  3. Why you so surprised? It is the graffiti internet Illuminati of 2012, a bunch of 35+ year old men trying to brainwash kids through blogs, books and vimeo into buying their graffiti influenced art and t-shirts. Look at the crew affiliations of the people doing the dissing and look who is paying them to do it. There are quite a few powers at hand here, and sadly it seems that in 2012 graffiti isn't much about doing graffiti. With a few exemptions of course...
  4. found this on flickr.
  5. Disses using government names paid by and done on the behalf of Cope2 And I don't think the Thailand government knows their names however they may now. 100% dry snitching regardless.
  6. toy soldiers is right.
  7. i like how utah "was knocked out, bruised up and bloody, got put in the hospital (what ever the story is it has changed every time cope tells it.)" but its more than obvious utah & ether seen this dude before the movies. And then just went to see the justin bieber movie after seeing him with no issue. moral of the story is no one should ever go see justin bieber. And i bet cope gets his 12oz admins to delete all his posts within the next few days. as usual.
  8. Bwahah, been waiting for someone to post those....
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