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  1. I would be more inclined to listen to what you had to say if you understood the difference between the words 'to' and 'too'.
  2. WORDISM45

    Tea Party

    On a side note the USSR no longer exists so you probably shouldn't refer to it in the present tense.
  3. WORDISM45


    In response to the accusation somewhere in this thread that Assange had a nefarious deal with Israel and personally destroyed any cables that may damage Israeli national security: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/wikileaks-exposes-israels-plans-for-war-20110103-19dw9.html
  4. did this fuckwit Nostradamus actually predict anything correctly to get his rep up or is it entirely based on deadshits thinking that he predicted Obama and AIDS and Nuclear Bombs because he said "there will be a man shrouded in darkness, great pestilence, and destruction..." or some similar vaguery
  5. WORDISM45

    The Phantom Left

    An interesting opinion on why the 'left' no longer exists http://www.socstudcphs.org/values.goldenstraightjacket.pdf
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol: If you're joking well played sir. If you're serious you're an arrogant nutjob. The dragon blood prince who sits on his computer eating Cheetos
  7. dude what the fuck why crop the funniest part out of this picture?
  8. I'm sure it is a process of indoctrination that starts from a very young age, just assuming the opinions you hear are facts when you're a kid and subconsciously carrying a lot of these prejudices with you until you actually rigorously study politics and form your own opinion based on rationality rather than dogma. Although there are certainly many exceptions, especially in academic circles, I think a good general rule is if someone can define their political leanings in one or two words then they don't really know what they're talking about.
  9. what's your problem with the GATT? and how did he vote against the GATT when it came into existence before he was born?
  10. WORDISM45


    Occam's razor
  11. i'm pretty busy in the final assessment period for my master of international relations degree but i'll give it a shot where i can ;)
  12. yeah I came to check CF out after not being on here for months and i'm seriously shocked at how pathetic it is now. There at least used to be a 1:5 ration of reasonably intelligent people to dumbfuck kids now it has blown way out.
  13. WORDISM45


    LOL, yeah the leak had to come from Obama, who else could it have been? love it :lol:
  14. The UN is only relevant in addressing global security insofar as it supports the US agenda. As we have seen when the UN does not go along with the US in security matters the US will act unilaterally, there can be no punitive action taken by the UN against the US because the UN is only powerful when it acts as a conduit for US power. In humanitarian and aid areas it is probably relevant. It is only relevant in security matters in the way it confers legitimacy in confronting those that act against US interests, IE most people will think if the UN imposes sanctions on a 'rogue state' like DPRK or Iran then they must deserve it, where as people are a lot more skeptical if the US acts unilaterally in the same manner.
  15. why bother making this discussion topic if you're just going to rant off with stupid generalisations? If you don't like university thats great go do whatever you want. Tertiary education is fantastic for those that are interested in what they study and want to work in highly skilled areas. I'm doing a masters degree now and am thoroughly enjoying it. Its pretty simple if you like at and its useful to you do it, if not then don't. But either way don't make out that everyone that studies does it to inflate their egos.
  16. I love the phrase 'A collective act of homefullness'. bravo.
  17. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/aug/17/hostage-alert-turkish-embassy
  18. you mean never ceases to amaze you?
  19. Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 9 out of the 11 possible questions, which means you did better on the quiz than 79% of the general public.
  20. Firstly do you think lady gaga or jay z have anything at all to do with the production and choreography of their video clips? secondly there are plenty of really interesting things going on in this world why bother inventing useless crackpot shit like this? Even if Lady Gaga was a level 90 occult priestess WHAT THE FUCK WOULD IT MATTER? are you afraid she is poisoning the minds of our youth by making triangle shapes with her hands in some video clips? you guys need to read some decent books
  21. are you going to continue or what...?
  22. So good to see the old folks standing up to the buff 38yr old looking 'anarchist youth' piggies
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