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  1. wow I can't believe there is a market for this Kreayshawn bitch's music that is incredible
  2. WORDISM45


    dayum that was a question at pub trivia the other week and we had no idea what they were called
  3. Woah Christo, you think there is a possibility Bin Laden is actually alive and being held somewhere and this is a disinformation campaign being conducted for some greater objective?
  4. cue conspiracy theories on how this is not in fact Bin Laden but an NWO planted double...
  5. People are pretty quick to pronounce the death of american hegemony. In the 70s everyone thought the soviets were coming out on top in the cold war, in the 80s everyone thought a resurgent Japan was emerging as a challenger to America in the Asia Pacific. There are a lot of domestic issues in China that will have to be solved before it can focus more of its energy into foreign affairs. IF China does successfully solve these issues and decides to pursue expansionist foreign policy it is going to face a coalition of pretty much the entire rest of Asia (including India which might not be so far behind China itself in a decade or two) and the United States (Which even if it is overtaken in terms of GDP by China in the next decade will not be done so militarily for a lot longer) that will go from the current dominant policy of integrating China into the existent international system to balancing against it. Over the coming decades we will see a gradual shift of relative power in China's favour but China being able to achieve regional hegemony is quite spurious and the likelihood of a Chinese global hegemony similar to what the US has enjoyed at times is extremely low.
  6. Munich fucking sucks go to Berlin, best city in Europe. Hamburg is aight too.
  7. bacon egg and grilled tomato roll, flat white
  8. Cadbury chocolate and a flat white
  10. THese are the bikes i've owned over the past few years: Honda VT250 Spada- Absolutely awesome learner bike, had a lot of go for a 250 (much more than the newer model vtr250. Always recommend Spada for learners. Next bike was a Ducati Monster 600 Dark. Sounded absolutely awesome, had quite a bit of go but nothing amazing. Really nice bike to ride but I bought it for really cheap and knew I could make a stack of money on it so I kept her for like 3 months then sold her for $1700 profit. Next I picked up this Suzuki SV650. Really loved this bike. Great sound with the aftermarket Micron exhaust. Very comfortable riding position (not a great pillion seat though). Lots of go and very very smooth even at high speeds. I moved house after buying the first sv650 and I no longer had a garage so I didn't want a 7k machine just sitting in the street. Sold it and bought a cheaper older SV650 that was basically just a downgrade. Got sick of owning a crappy bike after a few months so I decided to mix it up and get something a bit sportier, settled on the CB600fs. This is the bike i'm riding now. It has a crazy ammount of go in it (same engine as cbr600). Really fucking fun to just unleash on it. The riding position aint as comfortable as the naked bikes but still pretty pleasant riding. Still really enjoying this bike and mechanically it is really goddamn well put together.
  11. God you're struggling when you're dating a porn star and shes a 5/10.
  12. I am so amused that this thread is still going, I think everyone that doesn't believe 9/11 was an inside job need to stop knocking their heads against a brick wall and just let the truthers tell each other about how missiles were launched into the pentagon, the planes were holograms, steel doesn't melt at x degrees, no Jews were at work on 9/11, and whatever other tripe has been invented since i last read this thread a few years ago.
  13. WORDISM45


    It's great to see people rise up against an autocratic regime. I just really hope the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't emerge from this as the dominant political force in Egypt. A lot is riding on how the Egyptian Army handles themselves.
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