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  1. See everyone! He admits it! Fucking cop. Why must you destroy my "community".
  2. You are not sure why you think my interests outweigh someone else's?? you could say the same for those that think that their business interests outweigh those of poor people, no? Opening a new store and employing a small handful of people to work there, while increasing the rent of everyone else is nothing that anyone living in the neighborhood should be celebrating. Why are you against people painting rap letters again? Are you a cop?
  3. you are confusing community with geographical proximity. i have brought this up several times. address it or move on. are we debating semantics, or do you actually believe poor people have the same interests as the bank manager who works 5 blocks away?
  4. With Paint? In Oakland (Reefa is from Miami, you moron)? This action completely shows that the police are unable to control a crowd of ungovernable motherfuckers. Shit like this wasn't even possible 10 years ago. You are viewing all actions in a vacuum. What could come later now that this crowd of 200 of people leaves with the knowledge that they are powerful in numbers? BTW, "you want to fuck up his community as a group?" is fucking stupid. How many times do we have to go through this? Rich property owners may be within the geographical territory of other people involved with this rowdy graff march, but THEY CERTAINLY ARENT ALLIED with them. Do you have any idea of how a class system works? Do you understand White Supremacy? If I was a white racist and I had black neighbors that I hated for being what they are, am I "a part of their community" because I live next to them?
  5. Plus fuck all the primacy given to pieces anyways, I much prefer tags, throwups, etch, all that gritty shit.
  6. It's not a one-size-fits all solution. It's a shout of love and solidarity to those that were close to Israel "Reefa" Hernandez. You seem to be strawmanning your preconceived notions of what all anarchists believe, as if there's a universal anarchist position. You are fucking idiotic.
  7. You equate graffiti with destruction of MY community (that of the poor)? It is destruction of the rich man's community. You are fucking moronic.
  8. Having no money isn't all that bad if you have shelter and food. Those things that you value don't really bring the prosperity to the "alternative economy" that me and my comrades enjoy. In fact, they destroy it. As far as bitterness is concerned.. well. Duh, I'm bitter. Have you seen the world around you? Racist violence everywhere, killer cops, pipeline spills, nuclear radiation destroying the ocean, 10K kids die every day from preventable illnesses and hunger... We are living within a mass extinction. The apocalypse isn't coming, we are situated within it. If you think there's something to be happy about in the way our society runs you are being extremely unrealistic.
  9. Your definition of shit is different than mine I guess. You want more condos for young, urban professionals, and more cafes where you can get mochaccinos.
  10. When did anyone mention burning available housing? Why do you think fucking shit up and making shit uncomfortable for anyone who doesn't share my condition (being poor) would draw conservatives of all people? That's pretty illogical, homes.
  11. What are you not understanding? I want to squat. I want to guerrila garden. I want to work as little as possible. I want my friends and I to have cheap rent (or none at all). Why would I identify businesses (that jack rent up, bring more cops into the hood, and make the city look like shit) as part of my community. You are pretty dense! I rack shit all the time, does that bother you too?
  12. cunt sauce


    after over 1 1/2 years of being sober, i got wasted, drunk drove my bike, crashed and flew over the handlebars and might have gotten a concussion. My have a headache still, 6 days after the fact, and my longsighted vision is a little blurry which is unusual.
  13. Maybe if you are an adherent to state ideology??? I don't find them to be a part of MY community because my interests (cheap rent, less cops, less rich snooty progressives, etc) are directly opposed to theirs (profit).
  14. Why are you interested in Graffiti? Do you have cognitive dissonance every time you pick up a marker or can? "OMG THIS IS SO FUN, BUT IM LOWERIN THE PROPERTY VALUES OF TEH YUPPIE STOREFRONT OWNERS AND LANDLORDS, OMG, IM SO CONTRADICTORY, ME FEEL SO GUILTY OMGERRSH"
  15. What makes you think yuppie business owners are a part of my community? They move into poor black and artist communities, set up shop, attract a bunch of dumbass yuppie liberals with money, then everyone's rent goes up. Fuck them.
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