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  1. am i the only one that thinks it's gay to come on the internets and tell a bunch of dudes about the shirt, shoes, pants, and sunglasses you're going to wear on the next sunny day? like not only gay but depressing?
  2. I was at a tshirt stand in Berlin. One of the tshirts for sale had all of the mugshots of the Bader Meinhof Group on it. An American girl saw it and screamed 'They killed my grandfather!' Docos i've really been out of the game for a while traveling a lot and then getting back into work so i haven;t been keeping up with a lot of good political/social content. going to change now.
  3. wow a rhodes scholar appears out of nowhere
  4. thanks for posting added to bookmarks
  5. i'd love to read any information about the Us using India to check China
  6. Fantastic thread Christo thanks for bringing life to this stagnant heap of global warming debates and conspiracy theories. Do you think Russia is still under the impression that it has a right to/can possibly have a lot of the former eastern bloc countries within it's exclusive sphere of influence now that they have joined the EU and are part of treaties that basically mean if Russia fucks with them they fuck with all of the EU and NATO?
  7. The mere possibility of any government agency, but most of all the NSA, having access to the Google database, ie EVERY email you have ever sent or received in a Gmail account and web browsing history, is probably the biggest potential for mass privacy violation in human history.
  8. 13,800 whites vs 156,000 blacks does not sound like a takeover to me. When I was staying in Harlem recently I probably only saw 15 to 20 other white people in my 2 weeks there, this might have had something to do with the hours I was keeping but still... I don't think the puerto ricans are gentrifying the place that much.
  9. the fact that it costs more to do so in some american states that are overrun with bureaucracy and inefficient judicial and penal systems does not make it a universal fact that it costs more to execute someone than it does to imprison them for life. We don't all live in America fact does not begin and end within your borders.
  10. Some people understate the importance of alarmist predictions being presented to the public as fact from supposedly scientific organisations like the IPCC. What they don't realise is how much public money is spent and to what extent public policy is directed by what these big climate change institutes claim as fact. It is very scary that what an unqualified professor speculated in a magazine years ago was turned into a 'scientific fact' that was used to influence governmental policy worldwide, and that if someone hadn't noticed the lack of any actual data to back up this claim then those who didn't just accept the claim on face value without a grain of scepticism would still be looked upon as delusional right wing capitalist nutjobs by the climate change hysteria mob.
  11. explain how execution can possibly cost more than imprisoning a couple of ten years olds for life (approximately 70 years).
  12. to be perfectly honest they just sound like a couple of degenerates that should be killed by the state so as to avoid future harm, expense on the taxpayer, and the corruption of the gene pool.
  13. Yeah i'd be pretty interested to read anything that can show what good the CIA has ever done, and then weigh that up with all of the terrible things they have done (or at least the fraction that we actually know about)
  14. yeah i know it is the basis for other ideologies but Marxism itself proscribes little or no centralised power in the final stages of revolution
  15. yeah i don't appreciate trolling in the only thread worth reading in crossfire for the past 6 months
  16. Marxism does not support the idea of a leader or party with ultimate power.
  17. WORDISM45


    Stay in Kreuzberg. Go to Mauerpark in Prenzlauerberg on Sundays. You picked a shit time of year to go to Berlin but it'll still be fun.
  18. China is fantastic to travel to but if you are that fickle you probably wouldn't appreciate it anyway
  19. things work a little bit differently in a collectivist society I think it takes a hell of a lot more to spark a real social and political upheaval than it does in the west
  20. dude I was in 6 different cities in China for 2 months this year and in about 30 cabs every cabbie used the meter, I was only attempted conned once, which is less than places like england, france, or especially spain. There was far less 2 tier pricing than in other asian and eastern european countries i've been to. Where were you in China man and what were you doing? maybe if all you do is hang at tourist traps this shit happens more but i didn;t experience anything like what you're describing. And props christo i've been sleeping on crossfire lately caus it got so shit good to see you're doing someting to increase the quality, keep the thread going
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