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  1. :lol: unless that kid is lieing about being "all up in this"....
  2. I think his just trying to be "HIP-HOP'..... what a fag boy he is....
  3. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: read and inspect the post above the quoted one you posted.......................................
  4. :D Not that FMS crew homie.... "FMS = Free Martha Stewart....."
  5. IT SAYS " ITS LIKE ITS BOTH OURS " :lol: this is fuckin hilarious, keep'em coming.....nice flickers goon
  6. :lol: fine you convinced me... ill take some tomorrow.....you prefer any shots?
  7. i want to see more fuckin FLICKERS!!!!!and noone better come around and say "then go take some" someone please post the real shit:yum:
  8. :lol: Damn, for sure that blubber of a whale as well....FMS crew right heerrrrreeee!
  9. wow homie.... i would really like to meet you and fight:lol: Anyways, i said his shit "was coo", i saw a flick of his on clout forums..... you know how you and your "homies" got his back ? Im just reppin for the one in the bay.... no beef added. DAMN..... need to wear a mask when you paint. cant read a post and see the good shit:confused:
  10. HOLY SHIT!!! MARTHA STEWART IS GUILTY!!!! damn too bad....:(
  11. I have seen some CURRENT KOSE HTF shet in SJ, not to mention on the way and in SF...havent gotten to OAKTOWN yet.....aye WEBSTERUNO, when we gonna meet up? but i would like to say KOZE AE...whatever has coo shit, it just that its a different style.....BUT KOSE HTF IS A "REAL" KING:crazy:
  12. Fuck, finally San Jo drops the beef for a minute..at least fo now. I feel a SF SJ battle coming on.... If Mque comes back someone hopefully better catch him slippin and smash his face with a shovel. Then if his boys wanna join the fun, take out to Hicks Road and tie the bitches up next to tree and leave em for 3 days. Then go back up and get them, and give them a nice San Jo Califas tattoo on their foreheads. Smash Those Mothafuckers...:lol:
  13. now those are flicks.....that hsit is fresh...Get Mque the fuck out!
  14. anyone gonna flick those bombs that are over buket on that bird street bridge?
  15. Damn, Phuckin old shit..... our other thread is going down tha fuckin sewer too:o
  16. Damn, that shet IS pretty funny...:)
  17. aight MRNOBODY...im telling you this NOW!!.... You dont know me!...we never met, i have a feeling that you think im someone else?.. and why you starting shet wit me? i never said " fuck r10" none of that... go check my posts nigga.... if anything i gave you mothafuckas props while almost everyone slammed shit on the mothafuckin table about you... someone once asked me if i was fael, and then all this shit comes outta nowhere calling me a snitch as if i were him... i ONLY said, that people have also called you a snitch...thats all i said about you. but whatever dog, you can hate all you want... and my name has FOUR, 4!, dashes...heh..
  18. I never heard MRNOBODY TALK LIKE A MEXICAN...HEH, Its kinda Funny....
  19. How about the cholo writing in the west coast...started back in the 20's...using paint brushes....the first aerosol can was out but not known about in the early 30's.... i still beleive it started by all the cholos...(OLD ENGLISH STYLE WRITING) on the westcoast...and you cant deny it if you check out some shet...go research, ITS FUN!!!! By the way...lets not turn this into a "WHAT SIDE IS BETTER" type of thing, im just saying that graffiti evolved from that.....just like its still evolving...i know some of you people have to get what im saying.....none the less RESPECT to all the O.G.'s PEACE
  20. WORD is bond yo....y would you EVER believe a COp over a WRITER?.....Of course the cops are gonna talk shit on the report.....what, you think they wanna make you look good?. They know others will see the report...have you ever been caught? then you would know how much lies and bullish they throw in....AND MR NOBODY!...PEOPLE WERE SAYIN -YOU- WERE A SNITCH.....So it goes both ways....and quit "thinking" im fael people....you aren't close homies..
  21. He is Talking about the crew he is in...ASE..:rolleyes:
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